Difficulty swallowing, need meal ideas please

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horizons_, Jul 30, 12:21am
Have a friend who I cook for once a week. She has a partially blocked oesophagus and stomach. Food gets stuck - even soft foods sometimes. Can handle some solid foods if they have gravy or moisture and are well cooked/tender. Stumped to come up with creative meals that are not mushy. Your suggestions appreciated ta.

hezwez, Jul 30, 12:22am
Have you contacted the dietician at the hospital?

horizons_, Jul 30, 12:35am
Yep, their meals are all soft though. My friend has had this problem for years and is also a chef. I can ask her but want to do something as a surprise.

horizons_, Jul 30, 12:40am
Am just looking for ideas that are a little outside my square. Have looked on the net, but just get muelied food ideas. Have to go out but will check in later. TIA.

red2, Jul 30, 12:50am
could she cope with a nice quiche or pasta dish maybe ?

horizons_, Jul 30, 12:54am
Already cooked those for her, but you are on the right track. Thanks

pickles7, Jul 30, 12:59am
http://nz-news. ninemsn.com. au/article/7935478/baby-drowns-af

And he was doing , good . .

245sam, Jul 30, 1:16am
May I ask what #7 has to do with #1's request? :-))

245sam, Jul 30, 1:19am
horizons_, have you thought of making, or has your friend already tried, a souffle? ? and here I'm not thinking of the dessert type but savoury versions which can include fish, cheese, vegetables as well, as of course, the milk-based sauce and eggs. :-))

red2, Jul 30, 1:25am
maybe some very well cooked and diced lamb shanks , mash potato or parsnip and a flash gravy ? Whitebait patties ?

hezwez, Jul 30, 2:21am
Pickles, that's sick, especially with the winking emoticon. It has no relevance to #1's request. What are you on?

red2, Jul 30, 2:50am
chocolate mousse may slip down nicely !

pheebs1, Jul 30, 3:14am
i make a really hearty soup, assuming she ok with lentils etc
i use left over roast chicken, 1 leek, 1 onion 2 grated carrotsa peice of pumpkin and only one potato(so not to gluggy), half a celery
3 packs of cheap creme of chicken soup and a pack of kings country chicken soup mix. pop it all in crock pot at dinner time on low fill up to the top with water and leave overnight on low.

it makes heaps
for her i would get a mixing wand and puree it, but my littlies eat it when i strain out all the bits and they just have the clear broth.
very nutritious you could do just about any soup
it freezes really well in those little gladwear containers so you can just reheat as necessary. my crock pot makes 5 litres
that would keep her going for ages!
hope that helps

stormbaby, Jul 30, 12:24pm
My Mum had cancer of the oesophegus, and really found that it was trial and error. She actually found that it was more a case of chewing her food slowly and taking in small amounts that she managed, as well as having softer foods. She found dry foods hard to manage but did not want everything swamped in sauce. She had quite a bit of soup, cereals were soaked in milk, she drank the fortasip drinks obtained through a dietician, and then later through the Paliative nurse. Because her airway was compromised as well (the cancer was high up and involved airway/vocal cords/oesophegus) she found that she was ok as long as she concentrated whilst eating, so we didn't talk to her when she was eating! When the area was raw from radiation therapy, she found stuff like applesauce good, but she hated any form of baby food and it was hard to find things she liked. She craved salty stuff as her ability to taste came and went. One of the favourite things I used to make was my smoked fish chowder, as it was tasty and really filling, as it had potatoes in it and fresh chicken stock. I don't know whether I have helped at all, but my thoughts are with you.

stormbaby, Jul 30, 12:25pm
I just thought of something else, one of the last things she liked, and especially as she could manage to do it herself, was a sloppy fried egg. She loved it with a very soft bread.

horizons_, Jul 30, 9:01pm
Lol - not sure what planet pickles was on, but to everyone else, thanks for some very helpful suggestions. Stormbaby a special thanks to you and blessings too. I try to cook something different for her every week, but as the weeks go by it gets harder and harder. I never appreciated how challenging it is to have dietary restrictions. My hat is off to all of you who do this on a daily basis. Keep the ideas flowing please.

nfh1, Jul 30, 9:11pm
wow pickles - that is sick.

I am surprised anyone would think it is an appropriate thing to 'wink' about.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 30, 11:11pm
Good question Hezwez re #7. Voted off #7

donnabeth, Jul 31, 1:16am
Remember that fat and sugar are ok in small quantities and I assume your friend can only eat small quantities.

During tonsilitis I was hungry but whatever I ate was taken in tiny bites and well chewed. (probably the way we should all eat all the time)Toasted grain bread slathered in butter and topped with a soft boiled egg then cut into thin strips. I varied the flavour by adding chopped herbs or chopped gherkins and mayo. Sardines on toast was the same. Smooth peanut butter on toast was a staple for breakfast. The grain bread(Freya's) had lots of flavour when toasted and the seeds were fine enough to not get stuck. I finely diced bananas and mixed them with yoghurt and added icecream occaisionally. I did the same with apple baked until 'el dente' and removed from the skin. Potatoes were baked, diced finely and covered in sauces like gravy, mushroom, honey mustard, horseradish and mayo. I drank coffee made with milk.

Any food with skin was hopeless as were nuts as little bits became caught in my throat. People may disagree with the butter and icecream, but I lost a lot of weight because food was taken in such small doses and took so long to eat.

horizons_, Jul 31, 1:46am
Thanks for that. My friend is well used to her dietary needs, has had the problem for some time. It's me that isn't, so your comments are helping no end. She is also helpful and gives me ideas, but I know she gets embarassed about it, and I thought it would be nice to make something that will be a surprise and new. It's got to be pretty dull preparing meals like this for yourself all the time.

hezwez, Jul 31, 3:33am
Trouble is, it's in the quote at #17 too.

nfh1, Jul 31, 3:37am
if 7 goes then the quote will just say it has been removed.

hezwez, Jul 31, 3:52am
Good nfh1, I hadn't realized that.

nfh1, Jul 31, 3:54am
it is a pretty recent change I think.

I am in two minds about the removal - on the one hand I think it should be removed and then on the other I think people should have to stand behind what they say - so it stays out there for people to see.

In fact I am little uncomfortable up here on the fence!

horizons_, Jul 31, 3:58am
The only person it shows up is pickles. Now you two stop being so anal. Leave it be. All you are doing is drawing more attention to it. How about some meal ideas for me instead. :-)