I need meal ideas to use left over

tarshlove, Aug 11, 12:54am
Pasta sauce I have 500gm of open and also tomato paste. Any ideas for using them up for dinner tonight? TYIA

kob, Aug 11, 1:08am
make spagetti bolagnaise and use the sauce as the tomato soup mixture and add paste as a furthur tomato taste and serve over pasta, of course add mince and garlic & onions to the sauce

tarshlove, Aug 11, 2:17am
My partner wont eat mince he's to fussy

red2, Aug 11, 2:21am
chicken pasta is good too ! or make pizzas

winnie231, Aug 11, 2:30am
Slice chorizo sausages, onions, garlic, and any or all of the following (price/season depending) ... mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, broccoli, ... stirfry together in a pan, add pasta sauce & tom paste, season with herbs, s&p ... simmer with lid on while cooking your fav pasta shape ... serve with grated parmesan or other cheese.

lizab, Aug 11, 3:07am
tarshlove - what did you use the pasta sauce for before you had the leftovers?

tarshlove, Aug 11, 3:38am
I used it for nacho's for the kids. I need something that is low salt and doesn't use mince lol

motorbo, Aug 11, 4:34am
freeze it for next time you have nachos

greerg, Aug 11, 6:14am
Spread it over chicken breasts, put small dollops of basil pesto on top (or preferably finely chopped fresh basil if you have some), en top with grated cheese ( I use parmesan and mozzarella but grated tasty will do. Bake at 200 for 20 minutes or until cooked. Make sure the cheese doesn't start to brown. A very easy meal and I usually have small pots of leftover pasta sauce in the freezer to use for this. It's also quite tasty to add to soups like minestrone or to casseroles.

nauru, Aug 11, 7:39am
You could always make a bolognaise sauce with veges ans add some brown lentils to it. Quite a nice combination.

tarshlove, Jan 16, 11:14am
Snap I ended up making spag bol