Vegetarian kid meal ideas

1wolfenstein, Mar 12, 7:20am
hi all. my 5 year old doesn't eat meat at all, I think it's a textural issue but not sure. He is very fussy and doesn't eat meat, fish, eggs. He also has coeliac disease. He doesn't eat many vegies but I am trying to encourage him to eat vegies. He only eats avocado and potatoes.
I need vegie based ideas for dinner?
He usually has rice with avocado or gf pasta, potatoes, cheese.

any ideas?

huggy5, Mar 12, 7:29am
Risotto? Since he eats rice and cheese, you can put some veges in that.
Stuff potatoes with chilli beans and cheese.

ruby19, Mar 12, 7:45am
What about cauliflower brocc cheese bake but cook the veggies really well. Falafels with hummus served with cucumber and carrot sticks etc or a mild butter chicken but instead of chicken perhaps potatoes and peas. Do they like soups? Bean / refried bean nachos. Pizza using a cauliflower crust.

ed65, Mar 12, 8:34am
You might think your son's too young but if you're not already members, Coeliac NZ have kids clubs in Auckland Central, Auckland East and Franklin. They often do cooking classes with Neville Green from Gluten Free Made Easy

The Auckland Kids Club have an outing coming up on 26 April where they're meeting up for GF fish and chips in the park, and the next cooking class is at Neville's home on 19 Sept where they're making pizza, pasta and muffins. Sometimes kids will be less fussy with food if all the other kids are chowing down ;-)

Happy to post contact details for the kids clubs if you want them.

frances1266, Mar 12, 9:27am
Hundreds of gluten free sites online now, well worth a look. Gluten free vegan sites will have egg free gluten free recipes.

echoriath, Mar 12, 12:50pm
Try deep frying tofu. Throw a sauce of his choice on it. Tasty! Done right, it could resemble meat more than he might like, but worth a try. The deep fry flavour is nice. Pan-frying it with ginger and tamari is also nice. A fair bit of heat is essential, and it also pays to dry it a bit on a towel. Slice it into slabs or strips before placing on the towel. Leave for 20 minutes, then into the pan. Try it with one veggie at a time to see if he likes the added flavour.

1wolfenstein, Dec 31, 1:57am
thanks everyone for the great ideas. I will try all of them. Hadn't thought of stuffed potatoes, he had them every other way,!
we are joining the coeliac society so that's great to know they have a kids group.
thanks again