Meal ideas

chikbiskuit, Apr 11, 7:39am
hit me with some meal ideas - I normally love cooking but have got a bit bored with it lately. I've started doing some volunteer work & theres a couple of nights a week that I get home later, but want something tasty, healthy & quick to make.
We dont eat/enjoy takeaways so none of those suggestions!

What ideas do you have for me!

pussy01, Apr 11, 7:51am
bacon and egg pie. just have some pastry sheets in the freezer

tinkagirl, Apr 11, 7:54am
I make a rice mince curry dish that is all in one dish and is even better the next day. Would you like it?

chikbiskuit, Apr 11, 8:26am
Yes please! I love trying new things - one dish wonders are wonderful!

I still like to make a 'substantial' meal even when I'm home later. Usually I prep my evening meal earlier in the day also - I'd never dream of making a toasted sandwich/something equally as bad for dinners!

fifie, Apr 11, 9:44am
slowcooker for the nights you are home later, what kind of meals do you like?

cgvl, Apr 11, 9:54am
slow cooker is great. I do silverside in it, a hearty vege soup especially as its coming into winter, lots of slow cooked stews/casseroles also. Most of the casserole stuff I cook the vege when I get home as I dislike over cooked vege.
We do things like Apricot chicken, Curry, and plain beef casseroles, all can be prepared before work and left to slow cook all day.

motorbo, Oct 14, 1:50am
cook rice tonight to make a quick fried rice tomorrow night
fry onions/garlic/coriander/cumin/-
paprika/chilli/chicken or vege stock. add tinned toms, pumpkin, chickpeas, and slow cook, taste season add greens cook then serve. even better the 2nd night. so make on sunday when you have time and eat for two nights
Spanish tortilla - fry sliced raw potatoes in one layer in pan, add fresh rosemary. brown crispy flip to do other side . then add whipped up eggs - maybe 6 eggs. cook and finish under grill, serve with salad
fritters of any kind with salad
fry some onions, add tinned toms, a wee bit of sugar and any flavour you want. eg. Mexican chilli/cumin crack eggs in pop lid on and poach. serve with crusty bread. want meat? add bacon or fish or chicken
real fish stock/add white rice, cook, season add lotsa parsley and serve with cheese toasties
pan fried fish with salad
chicken tenderloins, add fresh ginger/thyme/lemon juice/olive oil marinate and grill/fry/bbq eat with salad
roasted vege medley with mayo and salad

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