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kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:06am
To all of those whpo have been so supportive on our huge Low Carb / No Carb recipe thread, Bedazzled and I would like to invite you to visit our new website.

This is a completely not for profit and no products advertising site to share some of the recipes we've developed - and to provide the LC community with a dedicated message board.

Some of you will have signed up to our blog but it became rapidly apparent that the lack of indexing etc was going to limit what we could do, so we decided to do things properly. Luckily my husband is a web programmer, so between him, Dazz and I - voila!

Hope you can find the time to visit - even if you aren't low carbing the recipes are perfect to accompany with your carb of choice.

Bon appetit!

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 6:08am
Yoohoo - come and visit! ! !

ningnz, Apr 1, 6:25am
nice work guys! have bookmared it! nice layout etc too!

bopeep80, Apr 1, 6:32am
Im very impressed with the website and can see endless hours of reading ahead of me. Im not convinced about Low Carbing yet, but my mind is fully open.

I guess for me, who is nearing 60 yrs old, having had a lifetime of bread, rice, pastas etc, its hard to change those ways as well as actually believing I could stick to the new rules. But, because I have had almost 60 years of being over weight, I realise there have been things I didnt get right.

Well done girls. Im intrigued with the cauli rice recipe and will look out for a cauli on my next market trip.

kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:33am
I hope you join the message board - be great to have your perspective!

kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:36am
Bopeep - thanks so much for your kind words.

It was my ambition to feel "average" (ie: s14ish in NZ terms) for my 50th! So it's never too late to start. And it can be the most simple changes to start the bal rolling :) The recipes all work with carby side dishes so even if you aren't low carb we hope you'll find some new things to try.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 6:38am
Bopeep - we're about the same age - it's never too late to make changes!

Thanks for dropping in; you're very welcome.

timturtle, Apr 1, 6:42am
Well done to you all, it looks really good, had an idea what you were up to as the old site had a total of 48 for too long ! lol Thanks I will be in there probably far to often ! !

kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:44am
Hey Tim, we're delighted you've joined!

The blog was just getting to hard to sort recipes out on, plus didn't give us a place to chat and freely exchange ideas.

We've put in some long hours to get there in not much time but this site is set up so we can keep on growing it at will, I imagine the recipe section alone will easily double over the coming year.

timturtle, Apr 1, 6:48am
I meant to also add, that i have already tried a few recipes, and they have ALL been great, those heroin fish are too die for ! !

I just had a go at a cauliflower pizza to night, and it was great, boy have i got a new respect for cauliflower ! ! From Rice. Mash. Pizza crust, it has almost become magically, and so dam filling too

kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:51am
It sure is the wonder vege! I made Prawn Fried Cauli-rice on Tuesday night - will post the recipe on the new website over the weekend.

timturtle, Apr 1, 6:52am
And I think that pizza crust, i could turn in to a lot of other dishes, like pinwheels, bread savouries etc

kirinesha, Apr 1, 6:53am
Let us know how you go with those! There's a recipes section on our MB too :)

timturtle, Apr 1, 7:08am
Will do, have you tried that pizza crust Kirinesha ? It's very much like a scone dough texture, am think for pinwheels just roll the cooked pizza up then let it cool down, then slice and for say the savories, cook it thinner and for longer, then use cutters and line patty tins. Now it's coming into winter its a good time to experiment in the kitchen and keep warm at the same time,

vintagekitty, Apr 1, 7:09am
im not low carbing, but what a beautiful looking website, well done

kirinesha, Apr 1, 7:11am
Thanks Vintagekitty! Love your clothes by the way - you're on my favourites list :)

marielize1, Apr 1, 7:14am
Love it - what! no photos of the two of you?

kirinesha, Apr 1, 7:17am
We are actually going to do some Marie - trying to get one of us together though! Tossing up between my husband or Dazz's holding the camera :)

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 7:18am
Better be yours as mine's notorious for chopping off heads, and no-one needs to see just my midriff!

kirinesha, Apr 1, 7:19am
Dazz is about 6 inches taller than me so it's going to be one chin and one top of head! ! !

kirinesha, Apr 1, 9:42am
I have tried that pizza crust Tim, it's great! Might be fun to try it as a topping on a casserole - sort of like dumplings? I'm thinking that golden flaxseed in a focaccia type recipe might be a good option too.

cloudberry, Apr 1, 5:05pm
Bopeep I was older than you when I started low carbing - well more accurately I converted to the Primal Lifestyle, which is low carb bydefault - and it works! It's never too late. I reckon it has taken at least ten years off me, not to mention nearly 20 kilos. 60 is the new 50, don't forget! Give it a try.

kirinesha, Apr 1, 8:10pm
So following that principle I've just reched the new 40?

charlieb2, Apr 1, 10:24pm
I saw the link on Dazz's facebook and as I said there ... the website looks awesome... well done to you both

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 10:26pm
Thanks Charlie. Happy to have "fringe" or "sometimes" low carbers in there too! Nice to give a NZ focus too.