Help! Vegetarian coming to stay!

carrie2, Feb 27, 4:25am
Can any vegetarians out there help me with meals to cook when our Vege friend comes to stay next month. Thanks!

bedazzledjewels, Feb 27, 4:33am
There's a very good recipe thread on here somewhere.
I'll bump it up for you.

wasgonna, Feb 27, 5:31am
Don't mow the lawn ... they'll probably want to graze.

elliehen, Feb 27, 6:07am
And vegetarians, keep your cat out of sight if you're hosting meat-eaters planning a next-day barbecue ;)

bisloy, Feb 27, 8:15pm
Alison Holst has a lovely recipe for Spinach and cottage cheese cannelloni that is VERY yum and is requested by my carnivores - they don't even notice that it is meatless! Roasted vege stack with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese is also good and meat can be added to the meal as a 'side dish'.

elliehen, Feb 27, 8:59pm
bisloy, have you put those in the Vegetarian Recipe thread?If you haven't and have the time, many would appreciate it :)