Ricotta cheese best before

wheelz, Dec 23, 9:18am
Was end September. It's still sealed and unopened. is it like sour cream yogurt etc where its still usable ?
Also. please, what's a nice way of using it? Never used it before, don't even know what its texture is meant to be like, let alone how to use it.
Many thanks

wheelz, Dec 24, 9:21pm
So no one can help?

sampa, Dec 24, 9:36pm
It's a little like cottage cheese. Does it smell and look okay once opened? Probably best to use it in something that gets cooked like a quiche type dish or as part of a pasta stuffing for cannelloni tubes or similar. I think there are even some cake recipes that use it but I've never done that. quick Google should reveal heaps for you to choose from.

wheelz, Dec 25, 12:20am
Ok thanks, I make quiche quite often, I'll try it in that. Is the texture like cottage cheese when it's raw and cooked? Does it melt when cooked or stay crumbly like?

sampa, Dec 25, 3:59am
Hard to describe. a bit but less 'lumpy' the cottage cheese is the best I can offer. When I've cooked with it I couldn't define any specific texture so maybe the best way to describe what it does is to say it amalgamates with the other ingredients.

Good luck, hope whatever you make turns out delicious!

sampa, Dec 25, 5:35am
sorry. a bit but less 'lumpy' - than - cottage cheese

luvwine, Dec 25, 6:18am
End of Sept a bit late for me but if it smells and looks ok an fine with you go for it. Last thing I used for was I had a large eggplant from the garden: sliced lengthways, grilled and then stuffed and rolled up with mix of ricotta, cheese, an egg, and then in a dish with passata/ chopped canned tomato underneath and on top then sprinkled with mozzarella/ parmasean and baked. Not vegetarian but will be making that again.

wheelz, Dec 25, 8:55am
It is a " best before" not an expiry date

juli55, Feb 24, 8:16am
Yep, wheelz. These often get mixed up. BEST before is like bread that's just out of the oven. USE by is when the bread is in danger of going mouldy.