The best before date on eggs

tigerlilly16, May 13, 6:20am
I take it this refers to the unrefridgerated eggs. how much longer do they last if they are in the fridge? i have some that say 05 may, would they be okay? they've been refridgerated since i bought them.

jaystarfish, May 13, 6:21am
Put them in a large pot or bucket of water. . sink they're ok, float they're not.

wasgonna, May 13, 6:30am
As above.

lilyfield, May 13, 6:38am
at least 4 weeks over the date-in the fridge

greerg, Apr 28, 3:08am
Have always worked onthe two weeks on the bench and six weeks in the fridge principle that my mother believed butnedd to make some allowance for the time they've been in the shop.