Smoked chicken best before date

sally174, Mar 18, 3:49am
Had planned to have a smoked chicken and mushroom pie for dinner but to my horror the best before date was 9 days ago... . but it's smoked? ? It seems OK smell wise (though I don't have best sense of smell) but is that too risky?

alewis, Mar 18, 3:54am
not slimy? not sure if you do make sure any left over is binned make it a one meal thing, 9 days is a wee bit of time mind - sorry am 50/50 on it.

sally174, Mar 18, 3:56am
me too... but it means a trip to the supermarket for dinner... . sigh, Mar 18, 4:00am
was it opened or sealed?

its chemical smoked. . not much lives in that bacteria wise. . unless its been Open or miss treated.

If it was sealed it will be fine. . (as long as no ones pregs that your feeding it too)

senj, Mar 18, 4:07am
DONT, it just isnt worth it, better plain toast for tea than the nasties that could be lurking in said chicken.

fisher, Mar 18, 4:11am
Agree with senj. . chicken is the most dangerous meat around... sounds to me like it has been thawed/left in the fridge and now long past usable date. . If in doubt chuck it out...
baked beans on toast with a fried egg sounds good :}}

sally174, Mar 18, 4:18am
Was a vacum sealed smoked chicken
I think it would be fine in reality... but yup, ... . not really worth the risk... or the wrath of those I feed it to if it ain't lol

fisher, Mar 18, 4:25am
Sally... . yup it's just on the border of. . "shall I or shan't I" ? ?
If it was a meat (beef, lamb) I'd suggest go for it... but not chicken. .

245sam, Nov 10, 9:18pm
sally174, I'm with all those who advise "if in doubt, don't eat it, bin it/throw it out". No chicken is worth risking food poisoning for and I speak from personal experience - not myself fortunately but through absolutely no fault on my part (or his either, really) my DH has had food poisoning twice and in the worst of the two cases Doctor- administered-injections were required to intervene and stop the diarrhoea.
Be safe and enjoy something other than that chicken. :-))

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