What can i make with cream, best before today!

paganandbella, Jan 4, 11:01pm
i just got a bargin of 2x 2L creams for 50c each, I have put one in the freezer, but want to use the other one up, will make chicken pie with some tonight but any ideas for the rest!

kassie48, Jan 4, 11:36pm
Do you want recipes for baking, desserts, scones etc/
You can go into the lefthand message board & under recipes put cream. Under date posted put last year. Might get ideas

pickles7, Jan 4, 11:53pm
Good on you, it is great to pick up a bargain.
You may need to remove a little cream from the bottle before freezing, The plastic may split.

ant_sonja, Jan 5, 12:11am
Panna Cotta is one of my favorites - do you have gelatin!

phoenix10111, Jan 5, 1:00am
Batch of lemonade scones - you can eat some today and freeze the rest

uli, Jan 5, 1:05am
lots of Ice cream (need maybe 12 eggs)
pasta dish with cream
whipped cream with pancakes
add yoghurt culture and turn into "sour" cream
creamy pancakes
sponge roll filled with cream and berries

macandrosie, Jan 5, 9:20am
Cream that is older is great in scones.

richard198, Jan 5, 9:21am
Clotted cream! (and then scones!)

theboss17, Jan 5, 10:24am
an one got a good recipes for ice cream as i got the same deal today

theboss17, Jan 5, 10:45am
i thought if u put it in the freezer it will split when u take it out

witchy-woman, Jan 5, 12:16pm
butter! that might be fun.

cookessentials, Jan 5, 6:22pm
Why not make ice-cream!

jessie981, Jan 5, 11:22pm
c.e think #9 wantsan ice cream recipe. Sure you can oblige.

jessie981, Jan 5, 11:49pm
This is easy

icecream, here goes. 1 300ml bottle of cream, 1 tin of condensed caramel milk. Beat cream till just firm (not turning to butter). Then tip in condensed milk and mix slowly. Once all mixed pop into old icecream container or cake tin and leave in freezer to set. honestly I am not an icecream lover but this is to die for. Much like youghurt icecream. I can guarantee it.


redhead21 (303 )4:35 pm, Sat 24 Dec #1