Best before

tats63, Aug 18, 4:43am
Would you cook and eat fresh chicken thighs with a best before of 14th. today is 18th.Thanks.

samsnan, Aug 18, 4:46am
If they were frozen straight after you got them then yes I would but otherwise no I wouldnt eat them.

tats63, Aug 18, 4:50am
Ok thanks.Darn I went ahead and made a chicken pie.I'll biff it.

samsnan, Aug 18, 4:53am
tats you may be lucky and get away with it but I still wouldnt risk it.

tats63, Aug 18, 4:55am
Yeah it's just not worth the risk I think.Wasted a lot of ingredients but never mind.Rather that than make everyone violently sick.Should have thought about it before I started although I did smell the chicken and it seemed fine.

angel404, Aug 18, 5:22am
Ooooo risky but if it smelled fine.hmmm prob best to biff it i guess

duckmoon, Aug 18, 5:41am
I would use my nose and my eyes.

If it is greasy or slimy or smelly

Then I would biff it.

But if i had known it was at the back of a cold fridge and looked ok and cook to the middle, then I would probably eat it

duckmoon, Aug 18, 5:41am
Best before
Does not mean
Poisonous afterwards

r.g.nixon, Aug 18, 5:42am
Give it to someone with a cast iron stomach. (Pity you are so far away).

lythande1, Aug 18, 7:03am
Best Before is different to Use By.
Nothing wrong with after the best before.

nfh1, Aug 18, 7:27am
Chicken is definitely something you should not use after the Best Before or Use By date, unless you have no commitments for the next week and wish to lose weight.