Smoked chicken breast best before 7/6

supercook, Jun 7, 10:04am
Would you use the chicken breast tommorrow if the best before was 7/6!

supercook, Jun 7, 11:09am
Made a mistake it was 6/6 !

bambi58, Jun 7, 11:19am
If it's 'best before' it'll be fine, if it's 'use by' It would be okay if it's been kept refridgerated properly from when it was brought, but I wouldn't leave it any longer.

makespacenow, Jun 7, 10:31pm
lol try to tell that to countdown they happily sell them 2 months past best before date and if you complain/raise the issue they give you a lecture on best before vs use by date(which is sadly in NZ not legally should be)!

wasgonna, Jun 8, 2:44am
If it is smoked is it in a vacuum pack! Never seen them loose. If vacuum will last a lot longer.