How much for around 500g smoked chicken breast?

learner2, Mar 22, 11:08pm
Just curious because one of the rules for the "good morning show's cook off" was your meal had to come under $25 so now I want to hear what other people pay? The recipe was smoked chicken fetticini and it won this semi final. She had a whole packet of shoulder bacon (Around 6 slices), around 500g smoked chicken breast, a whole onion, garlic, and around a quarter of a cup parmisan cheese, plus a packet of fetticini pasta... This meal alone would be way over $25 surely?

245sam, Mar 22, 11:41pm
learner2, according to Woolworth's website 1 x 300g Signature Range pack of smoked chicken breast = $10. 28 and 1 x 300g Santa Rosa pack of smoked chicken breast = $9. 95 (it would be much cheaper of course to buy a whole smoked chicken at around $10-$12 and use the breast fillets for that dish and the remainder for another meal). Signature Range shoulder bacon prices range between $6. 49 for 400g and $9. 49 for 700g. Fresh fettuccine ranges in price between $3. 99 and $4. 49.

IMO the smoked chicken fettuccine could be made for less than $25. 00. :-))

buzzy110, Mar 22, 11:48pm
Yes it probably would but I don't understand the rationale. Are they saying that the meal should be under $25 all up or are are they saying that each serving should be under $25. By my reading of that recipe there is at least 4 servings in that meal, unless you are a glutton. In which case the total cost of the ingredients divided by 4 would come in way under $25. In fact there would probably be enough left over for some fresh vegetables with that meal plus some sort of entree/soup course and still be under $25 per serving.

Just interesting to note that someone can say that the fettucine recipe is actually an entire meal. For me it would be one tiny part of it. The rest would be made up of fresh vegetables and/or salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing.

245sam, Mar 22, 11:55pm
Here's some of the info' from the Good Morning website

"The Good Morning Cook-Off is on now!

Can you cook a tasty family meal for four in 15 minutes for under $25? Then Good Morning wants to hear from you, and shoot you to TV cooking stardom! "

To view the remainder of the info' re the competition have a look at:-

buzzy110, Mar 23, 12:07am
right. So $25 is the entire amount that can be spent creating a meal for 4. I think I could do way better than that. I just bought 5 shoulder chops from my butcher for $11. 4 potatoes, 4 cauliflower florets, a $2 packet of fresh beans, 4 carrots, an onion, some ginger, a chilli, half a preserved lemon and a clove of garlic. From this I can create a feast for 4 (the man getting 2 chops) and so far under $25 (including power) I could make a salad to start with.

aktow, Mar 24, 1:52pm
shoulder chops, , lovely. cauli and beans, bloody horrible, it fact all veg is horrible,

buzzy110, Dec 2, 5:41pm
Sad aktow.