'Pink' food for breast cancer morning tea

dabo, Oct 10, 10:32pm
Hi I'm hosting a fundraising morning tea for work and need ideas for simple 'pink' food that isn't too sweet. I was planning on a red velvet cake - how do you think I should fiddle with the recipe to make it a pink rather than red? however it's 10am so I wanted to offer so savory things - any ideas for pink or pink themed savories - so far I can only think of a smoked salmon dip!

firemansgirl, Oct 10, 11:02pm
We did one of these a couple of years ago at work, we had pink pikelets, pink scones, pink whipped cream. Someone made some sushi with the rice that was pink, we had pink and white marshmallows on sticks.

firemansgirl, Oct 10, 11:03pm
Oh, and pink lemonade!

dabo, Oct 10, 11:04pm
Thanks firemansgirl so they just used food coloring to create the pink. I had thought of that but was also trying to think of 'naturally' pink foods I might do.

moparpete, Oct 10, 11:21pm
Pink lamingtons

daarhn, Oct 11, 3:48am
Strawberry and cream roulade covered in pink coconut ( like a lamington log)

Pink meringues, raspberrys


Beetroot dip

Cheese balls with cream cheese coloured pink

Hardboiled eggs marinated in beet juice or picked then halved- makes gorgeous presentation on a white plate

Pink devilled eggs

water melon cubes, strawberry skewers

Good luck with your fund raising. I'm sure it will be a success!

uli, Oct 11, 4:29am
Why do you not just serve "normal food" and add a pink ribbon if that is so important.

It looks to me that all the "pink items will be sweets - which is exactly the opposite of the breast cancer idea of food (or so I thought).

So something like cucumber rounds with sour cream on top and smoked salmon and then on sticks would do it. No sugar in sight and all good fresh food.

I did this several times on various occasions and made about 50 sticks which went within 10 minutes .

sampa, Oct 11, 5:53am
Savouries such as prunes wrapped in bacon (lots of variations on that theme) and possibly Pigs In Blankets (just Google it - essentially cocktail sausages wrapped in pastry so more red than pink but I'm sure people will forgive the liberty).

And these (not really doing it for me but might be just what you're after) -


Good luck, good cause!

sampa, Oct 11, 8:00am
And don't forget that anything involving prawns or shrimps will have the 'pinkness' factor. maybe play around with that theme too. :)

wasala, Oct 11, 8:41am
A little girl waits, Uli!

uli, Oct 11, 7:46pm

uli, Oct 11, 7:54pm

sampa, Oct 11, 9:36pm
Water crackers smeared with cream cheese and then a tiny spoonful of red caviar with maybe a little garnish of dill or chives - or use red capsicum or small tomato halves as the base.

rarogal, Oct 11, 11:00pm
sampa wrote:
And don't forget that anything involving prawns or shrimps will have the 'pinkness' factor. maybe play around with that theme too. :)[/quote

Yes, I was going to suggest this. Colour some cream cheese a pale pink, add a little lemon juice and honey grain mustard. Pipe onto crackers or blinis and top with shrimp!

rarogal, Oct 11, 11:01pm
You could also make some pink sushi and use pickled ginger with it. Just another savoury idea.

ruby2shoes, Oct 11, 11:52pm
salami - is that pink or red?

uli, Oct 12, 5:21am
still waiting?

sampa, Oct 12, 5:29am
I've often wondered why we qualify so many colours as 'light' - as in light blue, light green for example but pink is not thought of as light red.

wasala, Oct 12, 7:10am
Yes, I'm still waiting for the pleasant, supportive comment about OP's plans. You've made a good start - now follow it through.

wasala, Sep 6, 2:43am
Incidentally, has anyone mentioned taramasalata - maybe on little blinis? Yum!

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