Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese?

sossie1, Aug 31, 5:54am
looking for a recipe, we don't have parmesan cheese (will be using tasty cheese), but looking for something Italian style,
I already have a homemade spicy italian tomato sauce, and a really nice italian herb mix.

davidt4, Aug 31, 7:00am
I dont think you can call a dish "Italian style" if you use tasty cheddar.The flavour will be all wrong.

pogram0, Aug 31, 8:52am
Sounds like chicken cordon bleu.Try google for recipes.

carlosjackal, Aug 31, 10:28am
Gruyere Cheese is probably one of the nicest tasting cheeses to use in Cordon Bleu - it's what is traditionally used for Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, but I guess you could use any cheese for Chicken really - Camembert or Brie is very nice to use when stuffing chicken breasts with ham.

effcee1, Aug 31, 10:28pm
Not much happening EH! sossie1, Im sittig here waiting for some of the Chefs to come on here with some of their ideas as well.

sarahb5, Sep 1, 4:00am
That's what I thought too - traditionally gruyere is used - its a great cheese for melting but holding together if that makes sense

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