Chicken Breast

fruitluva2, May 18, 5:31am
We're having spinach stuffed chicken breast tonight and wondering what sides to have with it, does anyone have suggestions plez?

fruitluva2, May 18, 5:58am
okie nm

alebix, May 18, 5:59am
I personally would have pasta n sauce... yes from the packet, served with glazed carrots, corn on cob and peas/beans...

245sam, May 15, 9:56am
fruitluva2, I may be too late for you on this occasion but if not, then I suggest potatoes of some kind e. g. mashed (the chicken could then be served on top of some of the mounded mash) or if you'd prefer something crispy in the way of potatoes, how about half-baked potatoes or maybe you'd like a potato bake?
As for vegetables - carrots (glazed as alebix has suggested) or oven-baked grated carrots which are just as nice if cooked in the microwave instead of the oven, or pumpkin (roasted or steamed according to your preference), and for something green I suggest plain or bacon-flavoured beans, or peas - plain or in orange sauce.

Hope that helps. :-))

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