Yeast that was 'best before' April this year

deb158, Jul 27, 5:22am
Would it still be ok to use for bread, or would it not do its thing!Thanks

duckmoon, Jul 27, 5:24am
I would use it

deb158, Jul 27, 5:24am
Ok, thanks :)

245sam, Jul 27, 5:28am
deb158, IMO your yeast would most likely still be ok but if you're really in doubt, my suggestion would be to put a little of the yeast into warm water along with some sugar and if it comes to life and starts working then obviously it's ok.:-))

deb158, Jul 27, 5:32am
Thanks heaps guys :)

ruby19, Jul 27, 6:54am
Also if not good enough for bread, i still use mine in pizza bases, where they don't need to rise too much.