Best before - good or bad?

amberjandal, Jun 24, 6:43am
I have found frozen vegetable and meat soup in the freezer from last winter and the winter before . Would you eat it ! My wife would say its , I think its time to get rid of it. Interested in what you think. Thanks

amberjandal, Jun 24, 6:44am
The soup was home made - thanks

elliehen, Jun 24, 7:31am
Here's a useful chart.It says 2-3 months for soups with meat in them.

duckmoon, Jun 24, 7:57am
i would use my nose and my taste buds.
heat it up and then see whether or not it tastes OK.

amberjandal, Jun 24, 8:06am
Ok - thanks. I was aware meats were up to 3 months on charts but my wife argues that there is a difference between best before and rotton or bad. I might get rid of them while she is not looking :-)

kuaka, Jun 24, 8:26am
For commercially produced goods, there is a difference between "best before" and "use by", neither of which mean that the goods are poisonous the day after that particular date.For me, personally, I'd be very cautious about eating something that had been in the freezer that long, it may not be harmful, but will probably have deteriorated somewhat and at the very least won't be as flavoursome.

elliehen, Jun 24, 8:39am
As is often said here.when in doubt, throw it out.