Mince best before 6/8 but smells a bit iffy

janine18, Aug 5, 5:49am
cook it up or throw it out?

indy95, Aug 5, 5:57am
If it doesn't smell right to you, janine, it's probably best to throw it out.

toadfish, Aug 5, 6:42am
I would take it back and tell them, bet you get some nice new mince in return. I had some chicken that had a funny smell, even though it was within the dates and as I noticed it just before dinner I rang foodtown spitting tacks and they were so apologetic andtold me to come up and get a hot rotisserie chicken for our dinner... great service.

elliehen, Aug 5, 8:25am
Great advice! And always trust your nose ahead of your eyes :)

alebix, Dec 29, 6:17am
BUT sometimes with mince, its the blood that has the smell not the mince...
Weird i know but this is after 10 or so years of work in a supermarket butchery. .