Silverside pickled pork

nannahall1, Aug 25, 10:18pm
can any one suggest ways of serving these meats apart from the usual way of meat and veg and mustard sauce thanks

rai5, Aug 25, 10:21pm
Use the left overs shredded for fritters. Very yummy.

gilligee, Aug 25, 11:20pm
Cold with salad.

cgvl, Aug 25, 11:41pm
Love pickled pork cold with either a salad or in rolls. We have hot pickled pork with an onion sauce, or apple sauce but not mustard.

fifie, Aug 26, 1:04am
Love pickled pork marinated with honey and mustard, served hot with mashed spuds veg and onion sauce, cold with nice green salad. Leftover silverside and mustard sauce any veg, make a meat lasagna dish with cheesy crisp topping.

maximus44, Aug 26, 6:36am
I made a sweet and sour sauce to with pickled pork recently.

awoftam, Dec 4, 9:44am
Hash! Oh YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM/. Lois Dash (there's a name you don't hear much now, I wonder where she is at?) has a great hash recipe. I can't share it as away from home at the moment.

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