Corned Beef/Silverside - Gluten Free?

bunnyclan, Jun 16, 9:55am
Hi there!

Does anyone know if corned beef/silverside is gluten free? Also is there somewhere in chch that has really nice corned beef?


herika, Aug 12, 5:12pm
Hi bunnyclan,
Most corned beef would be cooked with malt vinegar in the water so would not be gluten free.
If you cooked it yourself you could substitute the malt vinegar with cider vinegar, which is gluten free.
I guess you could ring around and ask a few places but don't just ask if its gluten free, ask what ingredients were used when cooking it, because a lot of places still dont understand what gluten free means or what can have gluten in it.
I will bump the *Gluten Free Hints and Tips* thread up for you, you may find some helpful info in there :)