Silverside in the slow cooker help please

lethe, Oct 10, 2:46am
i have done a quick Google search and cant seam to find times ect, i have a silverside and its just under 1. 8kg, could someone please let me know how long to cook? & how much liquid should i put in? thanks in advance :-) { ex vegetarian here }

sumstyle, Oct 10, 2:51am
I don't generally go by weight when cooking corned beef in the slow cooker... if you put it in at 4 on high you could eat it by 8, but otherwise you're a bit too late... . When I do corned beef in the crock pot I rinse the meat first, cut off visible fat, then into the cooker with water to almost cover it, and whatever else you were planning to add to the water (I only add honey).

Hope that helps

lethe, Oct 10, 2:54am
Thanks sumstyle! thats really helpful... . didn't know about the rinsing first bits - i will get it on now, thanks again and have a wonderful day :)

kt061, Oct 10, 2:55am
I put ours in at 10am on high (we have low, high or auto) I cover it with water hence putting it on high takes a while for water to heat. Ours usually goes in fully thawed. Sorry can't give you more info on weight time as we just cook it all day and comes out great, regardless of size, always do it this way. oh and potatoes/carrots in around 3-4pm to be ready for 6ish.

245sam, Oct 10, 3:44am
lethe, we have a Sunbeam crockpot (almost 20 years old but still in great going order) and I base the cooking time for corned beef (silverside) on 10 hours for 1. 5Kg on the Auto/Low setting - the meat is always meltingly tender and yummy - I mostly, but not always, cook the silverside in gingerale (usually all of a 1. 5 litre bottle of Budget brand) with 1-2 onions, halved and each onion half studded with 3 whole cloves. Yummy! ! Hope you enjoy your silverside meal. :-))

beaker59, Oct 10, 4:28am
In before breakfast with a splash of malt vinegar and a few cloves and a bayleaf or two. when I get home from work its done though maybe a tad overdone. I get it straight out and leave it on a plate covered on the bench for half an hour before I carve. Always melt in your mouth. Really its so easy and pretty hard to get wrong. I eat mine with colemans mustard mixed to a paste with malt vinegar but thats an aquired taste.

goodfairy, Oct 11, 3:20am
Ginger beer corned beef

Makes 1 piece

1 large piece corned silverside
1 onion, peeled and sliced
1 piece ginger, sliced
1 orange, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 bay leaf
4 thyme sprigs
1 chilli, sliced
2 bottles ginger beer
extra water

In a saucepan or crockpot, add all the ingredients, adding water to cover the corned beef.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hours or until a skewer inserts easily.

Allow to cool in the stock. Store unused pieces in this stock in the fridge.

Slice thinly and serve with wasabi mashed potato, green beans and gravy.

Try recipe is great! doesn't really matter on size just cut it down to fit in saucepan or crockpot

charlie8005, Oct 11, 3:37am
we had corned beef in with ginger ale and water and it came out really tasty we put ours on in the morning and have the switch on auto and its ready by 530

didorothy, Aug 11, 12:51am
coca cola with corned beef?
Think I saw recipe, am I right, anyone got it please. We having for tea

karlz26, Jan 19, 3:40pm
rinses meat - into crock pot with only 1. 5 cups of water, splash of vinegar, two tablespoons brown sugar and a few pepper corns. Put ours on low at 8am perfect for dinner at 5:30-6pmeven if left later its never seemed overdone. And yep the water measurement is correct, just a little over the bottom of the crock pot.

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