corned beef/silverside

vmantis, Mar 27, 1:04am
I am wanting to make a corned beef for dinner tonight. I have never made one before and was hoping someone could suggest a good way of cooking. I don't have a crockpot/slowcooker. I was hoping to do it in a pot on the stove. How long to cook, what to add and how much water is greatly appreciated! ! Thanks very much

cookessentials, Mar 27, 1:10am
Long, slow cooking is the key to this dish. Rinse your meat well under cold running water. Place in a stock pot and cover with water ( just enough to cover day an inch above the meat) add 1-2 tbsp malt vinegar 9 or more to your taste) soft brown sugar ( about 1tbsp) 2-3 bay leaves and 6-8 whole cloves. To hasten the process, you can boil the jug and cover the meat with the just boiled water, i do this even though i still use a crock pot. With the crock pot i have it on high for about 6 hours, so if you are planning it for tonights dinner, you will need plenty of time.

snapit, Mar 27, 1:26am
I have just put mine on in the large pot and have added
an onion partly cut in 1/4s,
a roughly chopped celery stick, (don't always use that, )
about 10 whole black peppercorns and
about 6 whole cloves,
2 small bay leaves(I don't always add them)
2 tbsps brown sugar,
and 2 tbsp vinegar
We have tea about 6pm and I have just turned it down to a low simmer now. It is about 1. 5 kg piece
sometimes I have used golden syrup in place of brown sugar or have also added a lemon or orange thickly sliced.

hotandcold13, Mar 27, 5:42am
We had Silver Side for Dinner tonight and instead of using Golden Syrup , I used Mapel Syrup, it was so yummy.

raybuck, Mar 27, 7:38am
The only way to cook corned beef is in a pressure cooker.
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp golden syrup
1 tbsp pickling spices incl 2 whole chillis
cook 1 hour

cookessentials, Mar 27, 7:44am
Pressure cooker is great, but it is not the only way! the meat is far more tender out of a crock pot and I have tried both.

vmantis, Mar 27, 7:49am
Thanks so much for your contributions! Cookessentials your recipe worked a treat - I only needed to cook mine for 3. 5 hours and it came out perfect! ! Thanks so much!

vmantis, Mar 27, 7:50am
oh and snapit i added celery and an onion also! delishimo!

pamellie, Mar 27, 10:47pm
I was planning on cooking mine this way tonight for the first time. Do I need to cover it totally with water and how big a piece would you cook for an hour? Mine is about 1kg.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 27, 10:54pm
you have to chuck carrots in the pot too, they are lovely cooked with corned beef!

skinny, Dec 17, 12:06pm
There are a couple of Corned Beef Recipes here: s=corned+beef&x=0&y=0

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