pickled pork

roken, Apr 24, 11:53pm
what goes with it?

margyr, Apr 24, 11:57pm
if having hot then just about the same as if you were having corned beef, white sauce and onions, carrots, mashed spud etc. if having cold serve it with salads, and chips. yummy either way.

roken, Apr 24, 11:58pm
cool thanks a lot.

245sam, Apr 25, 12:30am
roken, other accompaniments can be mustard sauce (made as you would for corned silverside), apple sauce (I have served cold pickled pork with Apple and Sage Sauce but it would be nice served with both the hot and cold meat), Pickled Pineapple (again, I have served this with the cold pickled pork).
Serve with salad (particularly if the meat is cold) or whatever vegetables you have or would like - for a special Mother's Day meal on a warm sunny day I served cold pickled pork with Sage and Apple Sauce and Pickled Pineapple, Half-Baked Potatoes, Spiced Red Cabbage, Mushroom Cauliflower Cheese (using a can of mushroom soup instead of cheese sauce), Green Beans and Orange Glazed Carrots - it was a meal that was very much enjoyed by all the extended family. :-))

waswoods, Apr 25, 1:28am
Just like a ham - yummy hot and yummy cold too

marcs, Apr 25, 1:29am
I like boiled potatoes, powdered mustard made into a paste and cranberry sauce.

fisher, Apr 25, 1:36am
Boiled spuds, skin on straight from the garden. . steamed cabbage with a pepper, parsley butter gently mixed through. . Try some horseradish with the meat...

roken, Apr 25, 5:54am
Ended up making a white sauce with onion and coriander my guests loved it. thank you evrybody

margyr, Mar 2, 11:02am

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