Pickled pork?

julz29, Jul 6, 8:29pm
How do u cook this an what does it taste like?

rolznsp, Jul 6, 8:45pm
You just boil pickled pork similar to cooking corned beef. It resembles ham when cooked, but because it is not smoked that flavour is missing. You can eat it hot or cold. I am sure you will enjoy it. Although after just speaking to my mom she has also told me that she coats it in mustard (your choice as to what kind) and honey, wrapping it in foil and baking it instead of boiling it. Those who tried cooking it this way seemed to be impressed. There's not the flavour loss you get if you boil it, and there's the added bonus of a nice sauce to go with it. Good luck :)

245sam, Jul 6, 10:32pm
julz29, we don't often have pickled pork but when we do I cook it in the crockpot with just maple syrup and cider as in the recipe for "Pickled Pork With Fruit & Cider" on this link:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=10&t=196

julz29, Jul 7, 10:41pm
ok thanks guys i think i will try crockpot :)

purplegoanna, Jul 8, 2:55am
a slightly saltier version of xmas ham but breaks into flakes/bits similiar to how canned tuna does...

jules555, Oct 9, 10:14am
Just put it in a oven bag and cook at 180 like a roast beautiful, you will never boil it again

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