Pickled pork what do you do with it ?

Chef_teddy147, May 10, 3:15 am
I 've read a few recipes on here, I've never cooked it before and what do you serve with it, it will served hot. tia

Chef_hilt_dwane, May 10, 3:27 am
I always serve it cold as a salad meat, it is easier to carve and it goes further

Chef_cgvl, May 10, 3:37 am
cook it exactly like you would corned beef.
It can be served hot or cold. I don't mind it either way but given a choice I much prefer it cold with salad.
If serving hot, serve with apple sauce and/or mustard.

Chef_westward1, May 10, 4:30 am
It is simply divine. I think far nicer than corned silverside.

Chef_aasha, May 10, 4:38 am
I add spiced vinegar and a few pickling spices to the water when I cook mine. If I can wait we eat it cold but otherwise hot.

Chef_fifie, May 10, 4:41 am
slow cooker style, this is yummy from fisher.
Piece Pickled Pork.
Mix together 2 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp wholegrain mustard with a little salt and black pepper. Warm in saucepan on low heat.
Lay out a large piece tin foil,sit pork on it
Pour the mustard mix over pork and cover well. Wrap and seal in tinfoil pocket
Place the "wrapped" pork on an upturned saucer in the crock pot and pour about an inch of water in the bottom.
Leave on low all day, when done place still wrapped pork on bench 20mins to rest.
Slice and serve. lovely hot or cold next day.
Best left in the fridge in foil to marinate overnight, but can cook sooner.

Chef_awoftam, May 10, 5:07 am
I love it. Yummo on sammies and with salads.

Chef_motorbo, May 10, 5:22 am
I always think of it like ham

Chef_rainrain1, May 10, 5:38 am
Have a hot meal off it first, with parsley sauce, carrots, peas. and mashed potato. Heaven on a plate

Chef_teddy147, May 10, 11:46 pm
Thankyou everyone. will be cooking this on monday night, will do it in the crockpot with water n herbs ( we have a young fussy house quest ) so want to keep it simple.

Chef_wheelz, May 11, 11:43 am
Ooh thanks, been eyeing these pieces up each shopping day. now I will buy and try out your recipe!

Chef_samanya, May 12, 6:48 am
I took a punt once, catering for a family gathering after I'd read that you could roast it. I wasn't convinced that it would be OK, but it was great . pretty close to a ham & I'd do it again.

Chef_maximus44, May 12, 7:07 am
I love pickled pork. Much nicer than corned beef.

Chef_griffo4, May 12, 7:34 am
l got a recipe off here years ago and it was equal amounts of mustard and honey and "paint" it on the pork then wrapped in tinfoil and baked at 150C for 2hrs or until cooked
l don't like mustard but this recipe is really nice and use it all the time

Chef_southislandswim, May 12, 10:14 am
I always slow roast it beautiful

Chef_whitehead., May 14, 5:24 am
sounds yummy but i would leave out the salt as the meat has been salted

Chef_claire30, May 18, 6:27 am
Yes, slow roast it. Just like baked ham.

Chef_teddy147, May 20, 2:25 am
I wont ever cook it in the crockpot with water etc again, I will bake it next time.

Chef_245sam, May 20, 2:55 am
I don't cook pickled pork in water - this is our favourite and a very delicious way of crock-pot cooking pickled pork. I don't use the fruit and I don't heat the cider either, so it's just pickled pork, maple syrup and cider.

1.8 Kg piece of pickled pork
¼-½ cup maple syrup
750ml cider
2 Granny Smith apples, peeled cored and sliced
¾ cup raisins

Preheat crockpot for 20 minutes, trim meat of any excess fat and then put meat in crockpot. Add the maple syrup to the crockpot. Pour the cider into a suitable container and heat in the microwave or in a saucepan until hot. Pour over the meat in the crockpot and turn the meat over in the aromatic liquid to coat. Cover with lid and cook on low/auto for 8-10 hours. If possible turn the meat ½ way through cooking. An 1½ before serving add the apples and raisins cover with lid, continue cooking for the remaining 90 minutes (1½ hours).
Remove meat from crockpot, slice and arrange on a platter spooning the fruit on to the meat.
Lovely served hot or cold. :-))

Chef_rainrain1, May 20, 4:49 am
I loooove it cooked in water the best,

Chef_village.green, Jul 22, 8:48 am
What a great thread, I've never bought it as I wondered what you were supposed to do with it too, so thanks for the heads up chaps!

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