Pickled pork

pericles, Jun 22, 7:20pm
anyone got a nice recipe for boneless pickled pork, done in the crockpot.

jag5, Jun 22, 7:55pm
I just do mine in a little water, maybe a dash of golden syrup, and nice and slow in the oven. Comes out like ham.

Wouldn't put too much flavouring in otherwise you lose the flavour of the pickling.
We have two pigs to get processed shortly, might have to get him to pickle some this time. Yum

245sam, Jun 22, 9:33pm
pericles, my favourite and usual way of cooking pickled pork is basically as per the recipe for Pickled Pork With Fruit & Cider which can be found at:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=10&t=196

To date I haven't included the fruit as in the recipe but the cider and maple syrup give the meat a lovely flavour without them. :-))

pericles, Jun 22, 9:37pm
many thanks for the replies.
threw some golden syrup and bay leaves in, and left it on low

ballito, Jun 23, 3:21am
Yum pickled pork. I do my the same as corned beef - mum's recipe - a tsp sugar and tsp vinegar and slowly done in the crockpot, athough mum did hers on the stove top.

mercury14, Aug 31, 5:03pm
Put slivers of fresh garlic in small slits dotted around the meat, really lovely, yum yum yum. Then add any of the above suggestions.