Tomato and Pickled Onion Recipes this time

dragonlady65, Jan 15, 10:56pm
It's me again, Can I have your tomato recipes please, I have 38 Tomato plants and the tomatoes will be ready soon, I would like recipes for your best Tomato radish, Tomato sauce, Tomato Soup Can you also help with recipes for pickled Onions. Thank you so much for helping.

jessie981, Jan 15, 11:41pm
Pop over to l/h message board & type in what you want recipe of. Where it says date posted Put anytime

fogs, Jan 16, 9:13am
Easiest Pickle onion recipe in the world. From Delia Smith's cookbook. No mucking around with soaking them in brine.
2 kg pickling onions
1.850 litres of malt vinegar
25 gm pickling spice
4 x 1 litre preserving jars
Peel onions. Then pack the jars half-full with the onions and sprinkle a level dessert spoon of pickling spice into each jar. Then fill up each jar with more onions, followed by another dessert spoonful of pickling spice.
Now pour the vinegar over the oniosn right up to the top so that it covers them completely and fix on the lids store in a cool dark place for at least 8 weeks before eating.
They are fantasticI actually do a jar everytime one is finished so we don't run out as they keep for ages

korbo, Jan 16, 6:14pm
are these sweet to eat. i like really sweet pickle onions.anyone got a similar recipe but with say honey,goldensyrup or sugar in.

fogs, Jan 17, 1:19am
I have never tried the sweet (honey) pickled onions, but would imagine it would be you just add sugar/honey to the vinegar like you do when you make mint sauce (for lamb).

dragonlady65, Feb 9, 6:54am
thank you fogs, sounds good, I will go buy some pickling onions and try them.