Best slow cooker recipe (no fail) ever!

serious6, Oct 6, 12:24am
First up I have to say that crockpots hate me. burnt meat, tough meat. kids hate me pulling out the crockpot, I have totally put them off!

So. I have just started work and NEED to get into crockpot recipes to survive the dinner rush. I need to impress my kids so they'll enjoy the meals I cook!

I am currently using an old fashioned Ralta from my Mum.

Last week I put gravy beef in, onion, carrot, 2 x tins of "Just add mince" and popped it on high at 7.30am. got home at 5pm to a very burnt dinner! I thought I'd switched it to 'auto' but now I'm thinking that rubbed out word was "high"!
. I nearly threw the crockpot away, but I thought I'd give it another try.

Please can you give me your favourite, no fail, kids-will-love-you-for-it crockpot recipe. No 100 ingredients recipes please!

I leave for work at 7.30am and get home at 4.30, so would like to know if cooking things on low for this long is the right setting?

Thanks ladies!

twindizzy, Oct 6, 12:29am
Browned shanks (with garlic and onion and de-glazed in red wine) added to stock, tinned tomatoes, thyme, salt and pepper and celery. Cook on low over the day.

Once home scoop out a cup or two of the liquid, reduce in pot with sugar then you can pour the jus over the shanks when serving.

kay141, Oct 6, 1:28am
I have 2 Alison and Simon Holst slow cooker recipe books. Never had a failure with any recipe I've used from them. I have 2 Zip slowcookers, different sizes.
O/P learning to use your crockpot while you are home can be helpful to get used to it and how it cooks. Neither of mine have "Auto" and I certainly wouldn't leave them on high all day.

karrie3, Oct 6, 2:10am
I use Auto , but am home most of the day. If you're away for 9 hours I'd set it on Slow. you can always turn it up to High when you get home if it's nopt done
I usually make some sort of casserole in mine. chopped veges like potato, kumara, pumpkin, onions, carrots to half way up, then cubed meat on top ( flour & brown in frying pan first) . Cover with tinned tomatoes, pkt gravy mix, spices like dash curry powder or chilli, S&P , soup mix etc plus a bit of water. Just use whatever's in the pantry.
You could do the prep at night, put meat in the fridge overnight then just add it in the morning and switch on to slow, should be fine until tea time
I wouldn't leave anything for so many hours without any liquid

Once you get used to a slow cooker, it's a huge time and energy saver , plus in winter it warms the whole house and smells divine!

janbodean, Oct 6, 2:59am
I would suggest that you buy a more modern slow cooker. I own a Breville and a Russell Hobbs and have no trouble with either, I find if I cook on low whilst I'm away all day nothing spoils in either of them.

fifie, Oct 6, 3:05am
Newer Slow cookers cook a little quicker /hotter than the old crockpots,re reading your post i see you are using a older crockpot, should be fine on LOW all day for meatballs in a sauce, stews, chicken whole, drums,nibbles etc with sticky sauce, mince for nachos, or curried, or whatever flavour you like.
my experience with my slow cooker all day cooking is great for silverside, cornbeef, soup, with liquid is fine but some things can get over cooked if you dont use a low setting.
For the s/c you can get a timer i believe could be worth while if you leave home early and just set it to come on a bit later., depends whats cooking. If you are looking for recipes join the slow cookers for families group on face book, great ideas, pictures, recipes etc.
Keep trying they are great for working mums There was a great recipe on here for budget mince base you could make in c/p at weekend then freeze in tubs, turns it into 7 meals of Mexican enchiladas. Pie Maker Pies, Baked spuds with topping. ,Stuffed capsicums.
Greek pasta bake Spring rolls. Yell out if you want it.

madj, Oct 6, 3:40am
You could also buy a timer which would partly solve the problem of cooking too long. They are relatively cheap nowadays, do a trial run on a day you are at home to make sure it works. Prepare the meal night before, pop in the fridge. In the morning take out of fridge and set timer. Most things would be perfectly safe 'warming' to room temperature before the cooker turns on. One of my favourite sc recipes is a bolar roast.

This is so easy and very nice especially with the gravy. Don't panic about no added fluids, the beef will cook in it's own juices and produce a lovely base for your gravy.
bolar roast (doesn't matter the weight)
1 pkt dry onion soup
1 pkt dry mushroom soup.
dash of oil

On a plate, mix the pkt soups together. Roll the roast in the mixture making sure it is all covered. Turn slow cooker onto high coat inside of the cooker with the oil I used a brush to make sure the sides also done, place prepared roast inside. put lid on and leave for 5 hours. I couldn't resist lifting the lid and turning it once during the cooking process.

Once cooked, I removed the roast onto a plate. The juices it produced I transferred to a small saucepan and brought it to a boil, I then added a mix of cornflour and water to thicken and reduced heat to a simmer for a couple of minutes, you may need to add some water (I used the water the veges were cooked in) to thin it a little if it gets too thick. Do not add more salt but can add other seasonings and herbs as desired.

tehenga288, Oct 6, 3:47am
I agree with fifie the newer crockpots are much hotter than the old ones.I have a newer model and have never had a decent meal out of it yet - definitely wouldn't cook a stew in it for more than 4 or 5 hours
However when I borrowed my neighbors Ralta it turned out perfect left on low all day , about 8hrs.
If I'm home I always use my cast iron casserole in the oven - much better result.

rockdale1, Oct 6, 4:21am
Anyone have an easy mince/sausage meat recipe for the slow cooker. Perhaps meatballs recipe in a sauce?

madj, Oct 6, 4:27am
Devilled sausages, this one is nice and although looks a lot of ingredients it really isn't that bad.

8 sausages (thick or thin)
1 tbsp seeded mustard
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp Worcestireshire sauce
1 tsp crushed garlic
3tbsp tomato paste
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp cornflour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 onion sliced

Separate the sausages and set aside. Peel and chop the onion and set aside. Spray or lightly grease the inside of the slow cooker with olive oil. Measure everything else and place in the slow cooker with 3/4 cup water. Stir to form a sauce. Add the onion. Add the sausages and turn to coat in the sauce. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Stir the sausages after approximately 5-7 hours, otherwise do it shortly before serving. Add extra hot water if mixture becomes too thick.Serve on a bed of mashed potatoes with a side of greens and sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley. Enjoy!

madj, Oct 6, 4:29am
Slow Cooker Curried Sausages

500g thick sausages
1 large onion
5 potatoes, cubed
4 carrots, sliced into chunks
1 cup frozen peas
1 tablespoon curry powder
3 cups beef stock
2 tablespoons cornflour

Pierce sausages and place them in a saucepan with enough water to cover them, bring to the boil and simmer gently for 10 minutes.
Drain and cool, then remove skins from sausages.Cut into bite-sized chunks.
Add potatoes, carrots, onion, peas and sausages to slow cooker.
Add stock and curry powder to slow cooker, cover, cook on low for 6 hours.
Add cornflour to slow cooker 30mins before serving, allow 20mins so sauce can thicken. Serve with rice.

dayna19, Oct 6, 4:42am
I brown my beef first, then transfer to crock pot or casserole dish.
Add, Worcester sauce, tin of Italian tomatoes, soya sauce, sweet chilli, honey, sometimes a bit of thai seasoning not much, garlic and onions. And then put in whatever vegs potatoes pumpkin kumera carrots etc. when we are ready I make up flour soya sauce water thickener. Salt and pepper. Love seeing these other recipes am going to try them too

madj, Oct 6, 5:31am
I have just taken my roast lamb out of the slow cooker, had it on low for 7 hours, poked garlic cloves in the flesh and sprinkled mixed herbs on top. Browned it in a fan forced oven 220C for 10 minutes. No added water, just brushed oil on the bowl. It is now resting under foil and towel. Skimmed off the excess fat off the fluid that was left and added a gravy mix and a little water, it will be left on warm until the roast veges are done. Easy peasy and super yummy meal. I am a new convert to slow cooing and so far so good, have joined a group on FB that gives loads of ideas for recipes.

karrie3, Oct 6, 11:21pm
OP is away from home for 9 hours , some of these recipes look delicious but are ready after 5-7 hours , with no liquid.

madj, Oct 6, 11:53pm
you do not need liquid in the slow cooker for the recipes I have posted as the meat itself releases its own (the roasts). I posted up further that perhaps a timer would be of benefit and posted a few simple recipes in response to someone who asked about sausages :). There are some recipes, of course that require liquid to be added but I have used the ones I posted time again with no fail.

madj, Oct 7, 12:12am
Here are some recipes sites I googled cos am sure there are a lot of others that have similar issues. Have not tired any of these.

Just a few, may try some myself at some point.

serious6, Oct 7, 4:33am
thanks everyone, you're amazing! I will enjoy trying out your recipes

paix1, Oct 7, 5:02pm
For some reason OP, I have had two different makes of slow cookers, and I can NEVER leave them on all day, even on low (they are overcooked even at that heat). I'm home all day now, so I usually turn it on about 1pm high for an hour then turn down to low until dinnertime & it's perfect. And if I'm out all day, I put it in the oven at 100 for 8-9 hrs.

just_lookin1, Oct 8, 3:40am
I have a roast beef in right now. Made in similar way to madj in post #8. Except my recipe rolls the meat flour and mix a pkt a gravy as well as the soup mix with 2 cups cold water, pour over. Been on low since 9am. Tea will be at 6 - 6.30

uli, Oct 8, 3:57am
Can't lose a thread like this.
So bump

just_lookin1, Oct 8, 4:32am
What about something simple & basic? Defrost your whole chicken, Put in the crockpot with no water or anything. Turn on to low when you walk out the door. Will be cooked nice & tender & when you get home. You can sprinkle a few herbs/spices on top before turning on if you want (I sprinkle maggi roast seasoning and pams herbs&garlic salt) Edited to say I usually throw together a salad when I get home to accompany it. Or peel some veg to boil.

just_lookin1, Oct 8, 4:39am
Do you have facebook? Here a whole heap of recipes with photos
I also do basic mince stew, throw in the mince, veg, oxo, tom/black/soy sauce, can of toms or mushrooms. whatever you put in a normal slap up stew. Add a cup of water with an instant gravy mix. On low when you walk out. Done & dusted.

korban, Sep 13, 10:07am
The only thing I do in my slow cooker is self saucing chocolate pudding. We all hate stews/casserole type meals.