Slow cooker recipe

gracie3, Mar 12, 12:23am
I've got potatoes, broccoli and chicken pieces.What can I do with them!

Does anyone know what size chicken can be cooked in a 3.5L slow cooker!Thanks.

darkestangel1, Mar 11, 1:21am
I have a slow cooker but hardly ever use it nowadays - but if you have any great recipes I would love to hear about them - please!

245sam, Mar 11, 1:25am
darkestangel1, it appears that you have simply bumped a 1 year old thread; however if you really want/need slow cooker recipes then try doing a search right here on this MB using either crockpot or slow cooker as the Keyword(s) and last year as the Date posted option.There are lots of previous threads that should help both you and the original poster.:-))