Slow Cooker Recipe Book.

sagitarious17, Mar 13, 7:21am
I have been given a 5 litre Zip Slow Cooker by a friend but it does not have an instruction/recipe book. Can anyone recommend one for me. ? ? ? ?

winnie231, Mar 13, 7:46am
Yep - tried & true recipes from trademe members: php? f=10&sid=daf9ef

willman, Mar 13, 7:57am
Simon and Alison Holst have a couple of good recipe books, out for crockpots and slow cookers.

alebix, Mar 13, 8:32am
Maggi also have made soem excellent sachets to help out with the slow cookers.

bob_doe_nz, Mar 13, 10:07am
100 Great Ways To Use Slow Cookers + Crockpots

ISBN 1-877382-00-0

red2, Mar 14, 9:16pm
my most used one is Joan Bishops slow cooker book

spongeypud, Mar 16, 2:26am
Ditto Simon and Alison Holst's books, the 'red' one being my favourite. Just bought a new one though which has loads of delicious recipes, it's called Ultimate Slow Cooker by Sara Lewis, it has a recipe for horseradish dumplings which sound right up my alley, roll on winter!

nauru, Mar 16, 2:37am
As above Simon & alison Holst and also Joan Bishop, all these books are very good, I find them all indispensible. Great Venison casserole recipe in AH book, I use sausages for this recipe and it is great with rice & veges.

calista, Mar 16, 4:11am
Robyn Martin also has a slow cooker recipe book. I saw it on sale today at Whitcoulls.

kiwigoldie, Mar 16, 6:00am
Joan Bishops one is for me... . .

245sam, Mar 16, 6:09am
As far as I know Robyn Martin has two slowcooker/crockpot recipe books. Joan Bishop now has a new version of her "New Zealand Crockpot and Slow Cooker Cookbook" and she was on Good Morning this morning - here's the link to her recipes from that appearance:-

golfpunk0r, Mar 16, 8:08am
Definitely Joan Bishop's book... . I have a signed copy haha she is pretty much the Queen of slow cookers in New Zealand and she is a wonderful lady! She used to do demonstrations with the Sunbeam Crock Pots and still writes cooking columns in the ODT.

buzzy110, Mar 16, 8:13am
Go to your nearest second hand book shop. Mine has about 20 going cheap.

fruitluva2, Mar 16, 8:14am
buzzy go in the thread and vote it plez'winter thread'

fruitluva2, Mar 16, 8:18am
never mind then

fruitluva2, Mar 16, 9:24am
And the neat thing it crossed over Lol

snapit, Nov 7, 5:19pm
Have you got a library that you could check out and see the difference in the different books to see which suits you best
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