Slow cooker recipe?

oooooowwwwww, May 26, 5:33am
for tomorrow, i have cubed beef, carrots, onions, diced tomatos, potatos i can cut up and chuck in, what else would i add (any other veges and/or water or stock etc) and what flavour herbs and spices could i add to make it taste great or will it be ok just with the food im putting in please! i normally use the maggi slow cooker packs but here in aus i havent been able to find them so need to learn how to make my own seasoning. tia

sossie1, May 26, 5:35am
look up on the net!

oooooowwwwww, May 26, 5:39am
ummm, sorry i must be in the wrong place, i thought this was a recipes forum on a message board.

anyway, there are so many there i dont know where to start, so i thought i would ask here, as i assumed that someone would have an amazing recipe.

marie196, May 26, 5:52am
Brown the meat, add onions, mushrooms, put in slow cooker with stock, water, wine or beer, add veges, and herbs, slow cook for 6 - 8 hours

dollmakernz, May 26, 5:52am
So helpful! NOT!
The reason people come onto this forum and ask for advice and recipes is because they prefer to get tried and tested recipes and personal experiences etc!

sossie1, May 26, 5:54am
I am always looking up recipes on the net, then I write down the ones I
A./ like
B/. contain ingredients easily available at the supermarket

Rubbish you say!Some of the best recipes I use are from the net, there are SO many recipe websites out there

unknowndisorder, May 26, 6:00am
If you do a search <<<<<<<&l-
t;< select from last year, there's heaps of crockpot, stew threads. I've bumped one, but there's plenty more there.
I'd basically just chuck in what you've got, some stock & seasoning & go for it.

rainrain1, May 26, 6:03am
mushrooms, tomato paste, red wine are good flavours

oooooowwwwww, May 26, 6:06am
cool thanks for your help, ill start trying these ideas :)

rainrain1, May 26, 6:09am
i like those little continental stockpots, they are handy to have in your cupboard.

winnie231, May 26, 7:07am
The net can be a great resource for recipes but so can asking here!
There are many experienced cooks here who participate in this forum because they enjoy sharing their experience & knowledge with others :)
oooooowwwwww - do you like curry! With the ingredients you have you could make a delicious slow-cooked curry.
I would toss the beef in flour & brown in a frypan with a little oil in small batches and add to your slow cooker. Fry your onions off next (don't wash the pan - just add more oil if necessary) & add to the slow cooker. Put a couple of tablespoons of curry powder, salt & pepper to the frypan & cook off for a few minutes, add some water or stock, make sure any 'stuck bits' have lifted off the pan then add this to your slow cooker also.
Add your carrots, tomatoes and potatoes & leave to cook on low for around 6 hours.
Taste & season as necessary. A little yoghurt added before serving is nice. Serve with rice and enjoy.
I hope this gives you something to work from. If you like it hot - add chilli. If you've got garlic - definately add a clove or two.
If you don't like curry - follow the instructions above but skip the spices part & add the liquid to the pan after frying the onions. Instead of curry - think of the song 'Scarborough Fair', and add parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme directly to your slow cooker. You don't have to sing . but I do ;)