Looking for a slow cooker recipe: re gravy beef

mnkool, Mar 31, 10:11pm
i havent much success with gravy beef being slow cooked.

Can people share their top recipesplease!

angel404, Mar 31, 10:14pm
i just cut up whatever vege i like (usually onion, carrot, celery etc) as well as the chopped up beef, chuck in crockpot with a packet of hearty oxtail soup (maggi) and some water and let the crockpot do the work :)

muzza3, Mar 31, 10:15pm
Just do as above but long and slow at least 8 hours

davidt4, Mar 31, 10:21pm
Basic Daube of Beef

1 kg gravy beef
1 750 ml bottle red wine
3 onions, sliced
10 cloves garlic, peeled and left whole
bouquet garni (fresh bay leaves, thyme, parsley)
2 tsp salt
(optional) 6 fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped, 12 black olives, 2 leeks, sliced

Place all in slow cooker and cook for 8 - 10 hours.

lisamarie3, Jun 12, 12:34am
How do you stop the meat from evaporating - its cut in chunks and hardly any water

davidt4, Jun 12, 12:39am
There is very little evaporation in a slow coker, the same as any covered low temperature cooking.The problem is usually too much liquid.

raewyn64, Jun 12, 12:54am
I get a couple of maggi cook in the pot sachets - two different flavours. Add that to the beef plus some carrots and onions and about half a cup of red wine with the sachets and that is all the liquid you need.I also add a cheet of tinfoil under the lid of the slow cooker so that all the steam generated goes back into the pot not into the air. About 8 hours on low and it is good. I usually double everything and have about 3 nights meals all done in one hit.
If I am doing a single batch I also add pototoes with everything else at the beginning and they cook in the pot at the same time - works out great.

lisamarie3, Jun 12, 12:57am
Yes thats pretty much what I did - only excluded the wine and used a tin of tomatoes and I use x1 McCormick Slow Cooker packet.Our meat ends up breaking up and not left as chunks.We are having it tonight and I'm hoping it doesnt do it.

mwood, Jun 12, 1:38am
It is Shin Beef the connective tissue consists largely of elastin and collagen which break down with long slow cooking. Overcooking results in the meat separating into "strings" and actually makes a nice meat sauce hence the description "Gravy Beef" - note this is a Meat Sauce not a sauce for meat.

lisamarie3, Jun 12, 1:44am
Cool - that answers alot.And I have used Beef Casserole Steak today :)Will this work !

camper18, Jun 12, 10:09am
Best cut for slow cook casserole is "cross cut blade steak"

mary92, Jun 14, 5:36am
Cooking in a Slow Cooker, I did see a recipe on this site for like roasting chicken legs, Placeing them on some carrott, potatoes,do I put some oil or water in the bottom please.I hate it when you see these thing and don't make a note, can't find the site to-day. I thought it was called "Cooking with a SLOW COOKER. Thank you in advance for any help, bought the legs to-day.