Turning juices in crockpot to gravy

ykatoman, May 26, 5:42am
after easiest and i will need to use it in about an hour.

lizab, May 26, 6:01am
I always just mix cornflour and water together to thicken any sauces in the crockpot. Depending on how much liquid you have will depend on how much cornflour you'll need.

nauru, May 26, 6:40am
I always thicken my sauces with a little potato starch. It thickens the sauce immediately and you don't have to cook it as with cornflour.

waswoods, May 26, 6:52am
Where do you get potato starch please>

beaker59, May 26, 7:11am
Potato flakes are available at most supermarkets Waswoods.

245sam, May 26, 7:15am
waswoods, potato starch (possibly known as potato flour if I remember correctly) can be found at Bin Inn. :-))

midget8, May 26, 9:01am
Make a basic gravy on the stove top but have it really thick, then stir into the crockpot. Add to your gravy whatever goes with what your crockpot is cooking for extra flavour if you like-biggest thing is to make sure the flour is properly cooked.

cookessentials, May 26, 9:12am
same as lisab

bob_doe_nz, May 26, 12:14pm
Also look at Asian supermarkets.

You could also reduce the cooking liquid in a saucepan, and then prepare it like a standard gravy. e. g fat + flour then liquid.

eljayv, Jun 11, 8:47am
I put it through a fat strainer then thicken with lentil flour.