Pies - Rump steak, or Gravy Beef?

papariccardo, Aug 17, 2:13am
My son doesn't eat much red meat, except Crumbed Schnitzel, & the occasional Eye Fillet. He does however like my meat pies, often complaining there is not enough meat. I can fix that! Usually, I use chuck steak/gravy beef, but this week the Mad Butcher has rump at $9 per kg. Should I use rump, or is gravy/chuck better for these slow cook stews?

cap, Aug 17, 2:17am
I've had stews made using rump and they are okay but can be a bit dry as they don't have the fat you get in the other cuts. You could cook for less time than usual.

danchop, Aug 17, 2:21am
id go for the rump too

papariccardo, Aug 17, 2:21am
That's what scares me too - that rump will not have sufficient marbling in it. No worries - I will stick to good 'ole chuck!

While we are on the subject of beef stews, Master 11 does LOVE Osso Bucco too, but who doesn't? !

darlingmole, Aug 17, 2:56am
okay, I'll ask ... what's osso bucco?

papariccardo, Jan 31, 6:47pm
Sliced, bone-in beef shin, covered in flour, pan fried to brown, then casseroled in tomato, onions, herbs, balsamica etc. An Italian peasant dish to die for.