Some help please can you use coconut cream

cherie110, Aug 9, 5:56am
Can anyone tell me can i use coconut cream instead of coconut milk. I didn't read my recipe right and bought the wrong one

davidt4, Aug 9, 5:58am
It should be fine. There is enormous variation in fat content among various brands and unless the recipe is specific I wouldn't worry.

samanya, Aug 9, 6:43am
Sure you can . If you are worried about the fat content, just dilute it a little with water.

uli, Aug 9, 11:24pm
If you use coconut cream and dilute it with water (in the same pot I guess) - the result then has less fat?

samanya, Aug 9, 11:33pm
Can't you work that out?
If the recipe calls for a cup of coconut milk . & you add 1/2 cup of CC or slightly more, topped up with water & it will have less fat than one cup of coconut cream . it's not rocket science.
I am surprised that you even needed to ask, but I do know why you did!

sampa, Aug 9, 11:42pm
It should be fine cherie, a bit naughty but nice. :) But if you're concerned about the extra fat/calories just do as samanya has suggested. And, if you need ideas for the left over coconut cream, post again asking for suggestions - happy to help.

What are you making by the way?

samanya, Aug 9, 11:45pm
I freeze left over coconut cream (& then forget it's there) ;o)

awoftam, Aug 10, 12:36am
Ha ha brilliant - so do I! In saying that I brought some cross cut blade the other day to make an africanyish meat curry and will add it to that.

samanya, Aug 10, 6:36am
Have you tried Bobotie? It's a South African classic.
I have tried many variations on this mince recipe & it's always good.
Heaps of recipes on Mrs Google.
I made it last night & no coconut cream in sight. As I said, many variations.

sampa, Jan 9, 1:53am
I felt very inspired by all the talk of coconut based curry's on this thread so tried a new recipe for a chicken curry last night - not hot but very, very tasty. kind of satayish. Yum. Definitely on my make again list. :)

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