Cherry Tomatoes

I have just moved into a new place and there is 5 cherry tomatoes with literally hundreds of fruit on them. Can I bottle these if so how ? Thanks

Chef_jofes, Feb 25, 6:14 am

Make tomato relish/chutney

Chef_petal1955, Feb 25, 6:56 am

I am going to freeze mine for stews

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Feb 26, 6:14 am

One year when I had a good crop of these litttle darlings I sort of semo dried them in the oven on a very low heat for hours and hours and then put them into jars of olive oil . Delicious !

Chef_poppysinger2, Feb 26, 8:17 am

cherry toms are great for drying in the oven, with garlic and fresh herbs semi dry and freeze, great for winter added to dishes, bread, muffins, or to add to some feta cheese, basil, oilve oil, to use on crackers in salads etc

Chef_fifie, Feb 26, 9:52 am

Yes you can bottle them.
Easiest way to bottle:
Wash tomatoes. pack tight into clean jars.
Get wooden spoon and squash tomatoes in jar until jar is overflowing with tomatoes/ juice and there is no air bubbles at all. ( it is easier/ quicker with larger toms)
Add 1 Tbsp sugar or salt to the top of the jar screw lid on. Place jars into cold water in pot large/ tall enough for water to go to neck of the jars. Process for > 30 mins. Leave jars in water bath until cool.
Put rack or tea towel under jars inside pot to stop them cracking as they boil during processing.

Chef_poppy500, Feb 26, 3:49 pm

At what heat did you dry them poppysinger2 ?

Chef_jofes, Dec 29, 1:16 am