Thickening Coconut Cream

countryart, Apr 5, 10:59pm
Hi I want to make a dish using coconut cream but wish the final "sauce" not to be TOO runny. How is the best way to thicken coconut cream just a little in cooking.Thank you.

homelygirl0011, Apr 6, 2:01am
Try cornfour, mixed with a little water.

countryart, Apr 6, 2:24am
Thank you. That is what I normally do to thicken. Just not sure if OK with Coconut Cream as I have not tried it before. I have recently discovered (at 69) I am allergic to curry but Thai style seems ok and I wanted to do my own. Clearly one of the spices in Indian gives me an anaphylactic shock reaction suddenly after all these years.Trouble is knowing which one.

unknowndisorder, Apr 6, 2:57am
can you get tested for which spice? Obviously with an anaphylactic shock it is not something you want to trial and error with, and just thinking that Thai and Indian do have some spices in common.

countryart, Apr 6, 5:23am
There are so many spices in non home made Indian they advise almost impossible. Never had a problem until about 6 months ago and then four episode with different mixes getting worse reaction each time until 4th one when I thought the end had come. Itching all over my body - big time, huge red patches,. Heart pounding and it was two hours before it subsided. GP said I should have got emergency treatment. Cajun spices, ordinary peppers, Paprika etc have no effect on me.

nauru, Apr 6, 9:01am
You could also use potato flour/starch. Doesn't need much, it thickens instantly and doesn't need cooking out the same as cornflour. I've used either to thicken coconut cream.

awoftam, Apr 6, 10:13am
With symptoms that severe you need to be tested and your Dr will arrange this for you. If he vacillates then demand them. Good lord I got itchy a few times (like hives all over me) and had a full screen done. What you are describing is way worse than that.

buzzy110, Apr 6, 9:07pm
Is it possible that you are reacting, not to the spices, but to the preservatives/stabilisers/flav-
ours/colours, etc in the product?

unknowndisorder, Apr 6, 9:24pm
did you have the same meal and from the same place each time? (I would hate not to be able to have chicken jalfreze - however it is spelt).

Just trying to think if you can narrow down exactly what herb/spice you are allergic to.

poppy500, Apr 6, 9:59pm
Just cook the cream initially to remove more of the water content. The water evaporates off quickly just leaving the solids

countryart, Nov 1, 12:08am
Thank you all for your help. Each time I have had a reaction it has been at home using either a standard bootled curry mix of a mixture of curry powders I have mixed up. So not just one type of curry. GP says it is impossible to test for the exact items. Please to say no reaction to the Thai I successfully made last night for us and the family visiting. Roger

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