Too many tomatoes .

krispie3, Jan 6, 8:44am
Some good ideas here thanks. Can't wait to try them.

lythande1, Jan 6, 6:33pm
I make relish then I make puree and freeze the puree into meal sized blocks.
Puree uses heaps of tomatoes and I use it throughout the year in cooking.

jag5, Jan 6, 7:17pm
I freeze my tomatoes and use throughout the year. takes the pressure off having to use them all at once

julie55, Jan 6, 7:18pm
Have you thought about donating some of them to charity? Community Fruit Harvesting will take them to turn into sauce or relish for needy families all done by volunteers if they get given the fruit (tomatoes are a fruit). Check out their website pickfruit - for locations.

jag5, Jan 6, 10:21pm
We also have Crop Swaps locally. they are brilliant. no money changes hands. just swapping. good fun

dbab, Jan 6, 10:25pm
I love this sauce. It's great on pizzas too

highspot, Apr 7, 4:49am
Have made relish and still have heaps what to do with rest.

amazing_grace, Apr 7, 4:56am
Make a roasted tomato soup. Chuck you tomatoes, slice onion, whole unpeeled garlic, several good sloshes of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, 2T brown sugar, any other veges you like. Roast in the oven a good 2hrs. Whizz with whizz stick. Freezes well

motorbo, Apr 7, 5:17am
Annabel langbein`s freds tomato soup. ive posted it before you whizz it all up and can serve it like that cold, or you can heat and eat or freeze. its simple and yum. use the side bar or google

fifie, May 18, 3:18am
Make a sauce throw in bags into the freezer for pasta,spaghetti bol etc to use in winter. This is nice.
Annabel Langbeins RoastTomato Pasta Sauce.
Tomatoes, 2 onions, 4 cloves garlic peeled, OR teasp crushed garlic, OR 1/2 teasp chilli powder, teasp rosemary leaves, 1/4 cup tomato paste, 2 tablesp sugar, 2 tablesp oil, gr black pepper, salt.
Cut tomatoes into wedges lay in a large roasting dish 1 layer only, do 2 dishes if u can, cut onion into wedges 1 in each tray, in bowl mix rosemary,sugar,oil,garlic,salt-
,pepper,sugar tomato paste etc together and toss each tray of tomatoes in some bake 160c 2 hrs till tomatoes are caramilised. Remove from trays tip all into a large bowl juice and all then put the blender through till its thick and smooth pour into snaplock bags and freeze.
You could also dry some and make tomato paste as well.

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