Corned Beef flavor potatoes?

daniel_c, Oct 31, 6:59am
We are having people around for dinner tomorrow & we need to cook 2 corned beefs.
Our stock pot will hold the 2 but there won't be any room for potatoes.
I love the taste of potatoes cooked in corned beef stock/water.

If I use the juice stuff that's in the corned beef bag that you usually rinse off & instead add it to the water of the other pot with the potatoes,
Would the potatoes taste right?

Or any better ideas?


madj, Oct 31, 7:10am
What I would do is top up when you start cooking the corned beef with water as much as able, when it is time to cook potatoes, pour some off into another pot and add potatoes and cook as usual. Then top up the stockpot with water and maybe adding a tiny bit more of whatever you add, i.e. I use brown sugar and peppercorns so I may add a wee bit more brown sugar and bring to the boil again and simmer as usual. I think that may work, haven't tried it though. Others may have some other ideas.

awoftam, Oct 31, 7:12am
I would make a lovely buttery mash to compliment the luscious soft corned beef which should be the star of your dinner and be able to stand alone in taste.

rainrain1, Aug 2, 4:58pm
I wouldn't have thought to cook the potatoes in the corned beef pot, I always do carrots and onions with the meat, but spuds I have not never ever. I will have to give them a try

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