Brittle Pavlova

Just tried to make mini pavlovas. They look great, good marshmallow in the middle, but they are so brittle. I cooked them for 5 mins at 150 degrees then 30 mins at 100 degrees.

Any ideas why they have turned out brittle?


Chef_buster31, Mar 9, 3:25 am

dryed too quick

Chef_harrislucinda, Mar 9, 4:34 am

Do you mean the oven temperature was too high?

Chef_buster31, Mar 9, 7:49 am

To much sugar.

Chef_fifie, Mar 9, 8:06 am

yes 150 does seem hot put in 100 deg pav is all about drying the mixture

Chef_harrislucinda, Mar 9, 8:22 am

Thanks for your replies bobcat. 100 degrees for how long (each mini pav is approx 1 heaped dessert spoon. Should I take them out of the oven after the cooking time?

Chef_buster31, Mar 10, 1:18 am

Buster31 - what's the difference between a mini pav and a meringue please?

Chef_asue, Mar 10, 4:03 am

no leave in but turn oven off as they do in a big pav

Chef_harrislucinda, Mar 10, 4:40 am

Hi asue, I don't think there is a difference, it's just what I am used to calling it :)

Chef_buster31, Mar 10, 9:41 am

asue, my thoughts are that the difference is. meringues are usually crisp right through, not just on the outside surface whereas IMO mini pavlovas would usually have a crisp outer and a soft/marshmallowy inner. :-))

Chef_245sam, Mar 10, 10:04 am

Mini pavs it is then :)

Chef_buster31, Jan 4, 5:03 pm