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helen149, Nov 16, 5:59am
Sherry is traditional but I use ginger ale - it's delicious

willyow, Nov 16, 6:04pm
If making trifle with real homemade proper custard ( not the packet stuff) with real vanilla in it - you don't need alcohol in trifles. Personally I think trifles with sherry are inedible ( to my taste) and some I've had with spirits in them are equally awful.

sampa, Nov 16, 11:10pm
Many, many years ago when the family gathered at our hearth for Chrissy day all those from my Dads side used to adore my Mums trifle. Of course it may have helped that they were all teetotalers (no alcohol for them!) and Mum was known to be extremely generous with her sherry adding, often going back to add a second dose on top of the first lavish one. Equaled Very Happy Rellies.

cgvl, Nov 17, 1:05am
marree: Trifle is very simple and it has lots of different ways to make. Ours is: 1 trifle sponge cut in half length ways, put a thin layer of jam (strawberry or raspberry nice but any that you have, my mother always used the one we didn't seem to eat/like). Cut this into pieces and arrange in a bowl, just one layer.
Then add chopped tinned fruit (or fresh berries) usually peaches in our house.
Another layer of sponge, Continue until bowl is nearly full, ending with a sponge layer, jam side down. You need to leave room for the custard.
Make a good custard, slightly runnier than normal but not too runny, allow to cool.
Before adding custard to top, pour over a mixture of sherry, the juice from the peaches and some ginger ale. You need to moisten the cake, not drown it lol. Let this soak in and the pour over the custard, we use a knife to get the custard to go down the sides of the bowl and my mother used a skewer to get it into the middle as well.
When custard has set top with whipped cream and garnish as desired, I love chocolate curls on mine or berries.

retired, Nov 17, 7:34pm
I had a recipe, lost many years ago, for a Black Forest Trifle. Remember it had chocolate Swiss Roll, Marachino Cherries and Rum. Wonder if anyone has this one?

rarogal, Nov 18, 2:13am
I make a chocolate trifle with berries and use Kahlua to flavour the sponge. My adult kids love it. Sometimes I go no alcohol and have a boysenberry jelly instead.

sarahb5, Nov 18, 2:25am
I only use one layer of cake in mine - at the bottom - and moistened with sherry. Drain the fruit and use the liquid to make up a packet of jelly (or make your own with gelatine) and pour over the cake. Top with custard (I make our custard thicker than normal) then cream with sprinkles or toasted nuts. I like to use chocolate sponge or swiss roll and boysenberries.

beaker59, Nov 18, 5:30am
Sounds lovely but its not Trifle

karma4, Nov 18, 5:45am
oh yummmm how do you make it?

boop2, Nov 18, 5:50am
yep always sherry.

cardiffgirl, Nov 18, 6:06am
The last couple of Christmases has seen me making Nigellas Anglo-Italian trifle , which has limoncello in it. I now prefer it to the traditional English trifle

wildflower, Nov 18, 6:14am
I don't have any alcohol, I'm planning to make one this year with just the juice from the peaches. Hopefully that's enough if I leave it soaking overnight.

figjamto, Nov 21, 5:38am
Has to be Sherry

karlymouse, Nov 21, 10:04am
Now that sounds nice. do you add other ginger as well. ie sliced candied ginger etc

karlymouse, Nov 21, 10:04am
Yes. I made my own Limoncello years ago. it was amazing. would be great in Trifle.

davidt4, Dec 12, 8:38am
It depends on what else you are putting in the trifle, particularly what fruit. For example, if you are using tropical fruit such as passion fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya, then white rum would be complementary. If you are using red berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, brandy would be good. If you use just raspberries then whiskey is a traditional complement.

Kirsch is delicious with all fruits, and cognac will work well with most.

white_elephant, Dec 12, 9:08am
Thank you, I think Kirsch will do it.

rainrain1, Dec 12, 9:18am
Kirsch is disgusting

nzhel, Dec 12, 9:31am
Our old family recipe uses sherry.

motorbo, Dec 12, 9:37am
ive never use alcohol and my trifles are always a hit

lilyfield, Dec 12, 9:40am
Yes , yummy

lost-in-oz, Dec 12, 9:48am
My grandmother always used a mixture of Sherry and Port. Masala might be nice too. Boozy trifles for the adults, virgin trifles for the kids.

dkpop, Dec 12, 10:10am
I bought bottle sherry for ours last year but kids and I prefer own trifle with choc sponge flavours instead. lost-in-oz, come on over and we will share recipes while sampling the alcohol offerings. x

rainrain1, Dec 12, 6:31pm
You're on! That wouldn't be the first time either. I'm still finding corks in the garden from a previous Summer

biggles45, Dec 12, 8:15pm
Have always used sherry or port, but it is difficult to get a decent sherry in NZ.

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