Flavouring fudge with distilled alcohol flavouring

the-archer, Dec 24, 2:50am
I made some vanilla fudge today,and was wondering if those little bottles of flavouring essences,that home brewers use, could be use to flavour plain fudge?. Just say the butterscotch cream flavour etc. I don't know anything about them,but i was hoping someone on here might know.

vicki_r, Dec 24, 2:54am
Funny I wondered the same. Will watch with interest.

punkinthefirst, Dec 24, 10:55pm
Try it and see how much you need. Start with a small amount - I daresay it is fairly strong! At any rate, the kids will eat the fudge. LOL

rarogal, Feb 20, 5:57pm
Don't see why not, I add a dash of Baileys or Kahlua to my fudge.

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