cooking with alcohol

a_n_h, Mar 30, 6:48am
hi all, i have been looking through recipe websites at yummy new recipes as i have started menu planning(doing a fortnightly plan as we get paid fortnightly) and i see a few stews/casseroles have wine/beer in them. does the alcohol cook out? and are these ok for the kids(5 yr old and 2 yr old twins) to eat? and do the have the alcohol taste to them?

veejay13, Mar 30, 7:12am
Yes, the alcohol does cook out and it's certainly okay for your wee kids. No, doesn't have an alcohol taste. but does add a "different" flavour. I use both wine and beer (not in the same recipe lol! ) - give it a try, it's different.

a_n_h, Mar 30, 7:23am
awesome thank you. most recipes say red wine... can i use any type of red wine? we are not wine drinkers at all.

barloo, Mar 30, 7:46am
if your left with a part bottle or just buying to cook with. Freeze down into ice cube trays and store in a container! !

Then its on hand when you need it!

Great for adding to stews, marinating, trifles etc:)

cookessentials, Mar 30, 8:11am
Yes, it does and it does impart a lovely flavour in the food. I use white wine in my light gravy and a red wine in my dark gravy and it is delicious.

a_n_h, Mar 31, 2:52am
awesome thanks. yea i will just be buying to cook with. looks like im buying wine and ice cube trays as mr no-body ran off with our trays.

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