Homemade alcohol free drinks for Xmas.

monkey_room, Dec 4, 5:37am
That are not sugary sweet. a little bit grown up. and easy to make.! Does anyone have any good suggestions for these! TIA!

char522, Dec 4, 6:01am
Pear and Ginger Fizz.
These mocktail's are really nice,410g can wattie's pears, in clear fruit juice, 2 teasp's chopped fresh root ginger, juice of 2 lemons, ice and lemonade. Place pears with clear fruit juice,ginger and lemon juice in a blender and blend until smooth . Place 1/4 cup crushed ice in 3-4 glasses and divide the pear mix between the glasses and top with lemonade.

Strawberry and Mango Fizz.
1/2 punnet strawberries,2 cups golden circle mango nectar,ice and lemonade.
Place srawberries and nectar in a blender and blend untill smooth. Place 1/4 c crushed ice in glasses and top with fruit mix and lemonadeGarnish with strawberries.

ant_sonja, Dec 4, 6:21am
Iced tea is nice. Add lots of fresh lemon and/or some fresh mint from the garden :-)

babytears, Dec 4, 7:03am
Elderflower Cordial!

tipsy_bl0nde, Dec 4, 7:53am
im going to be doing a fruit punch with fresh strawberries and different juices. Worked well when i had my babyshower because i just put a bottle of vodka next to the bowl so if anyone wanted it alcoholic then they could just pour a bit in their cup :)

floralsun, Dec 4, 7:56am
From another thread - sounds good.

Rhubarb Champagne
1 Kg of Rhubarb washed and CHOPPED
1 & 1/2 tsb of white vinegar
700 grams of white sugar
3 & 1/2 litres of water
Zest & juice of six lemons

Put all ingredients into A large non metal container,mix it up and make it nice,stand for 48 hours,strain then bottle and leave for three weeks before drinking,it is very very nice and refreshing also non- alcoholic

You can also make ginger beer with the above recipe,but I don't remember how much ground ginger to use instead of the rhubarb.Does anyone have any suggestions!

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monkey_room, Dec 4, 8:50am
Thanks everyone I am definitely going to make these. perhaps the rhubarb one may need a bit more time but I might have that one for new year. Yummy!

puss-n-boots, Dec 4, 5:46pm
Alcohol free Cranberry Spritzer
Mix equal parts cranberry juice, white grape juice & sparkling mineral water
Easy and very refreshingly different take on the usual punch served.

antoniab, Dec 4, 6:42pm
We always do one with orange juice, ginger beer/ale, cold tea (a pot full) something else and mint leaves - cant remember exactly, Mum makes it. I love it and I dont like fizzy drinks

punkinthefirst, Dec 4, 11:36pm
Not home made, but I love the Pinto party punch which most bottle stores, and some supermarkets, stock.

buzzy110, Dec 5, 2:43am
Most of these suggestions seem to be very sugary to me. What level of sweetness would you class as "not sugary sweet". puss-n-boots' recipe looks like it would fit your requirements very well.

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