Chocolate Trifle non alcohol recipe?

courtney2004, Feb 11, 6:52am
Anyone got any ideas on how to do this! i have heard you use pineapple juice, chocolate cake, custard. any ideas! this could be some what upmarket!

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 7:00am
Choc trifle is nice with choc sponge and blackboy peaches or boysenberries as the fruit, and choc custard :-) Usually I use Kahlua for putting over the sponge, but maybe you could use coffee!

cookessentials, Feb 11, 7:01am
copy and pasted for you. Just substitute the alcohol for a little juice. Boysenberries ( frozen) make this dessert lovely and tnd it offsets the rich chocolate taste. To get some juice, pop a few of the berries in a bowl and thaw, then use the juice to spoon over the sponge. You will also find that if you make this the day before required, the boysenberries will have thawed and the juice will soak in to the sponge.

Yes, my Black Forest trifle would be a good start. ( It usually uses a chocolate cream filled Swiss roll)

Yes, I do one usually using a chocolate mousse ( you can use the Tararua one if you wish) I buy a chocolate sponge roll ( cream filled) and slice into rounds. Best to use a deep plain glass dish as it looks really lovely showing through ( I often use a large flared and footed hurricane lamp)
arrange the slices across the base and up the sides of the bowl. Sprinkle with kirsch or a little brandy or similar. You can then add a jar of the cherries.or better still, I often use the frozen boysenberries.they thaw within a few hours. When you add the fruit, make sure you poke some into the gaps between the sponge up the sides. Make up chocolate mousse and spread over fruit and sponge,making sure it is poked down the sides also. Chill to set and then add gently whipped cream over the top and top with grated chocolate. it is actually really nice the next day, so you could make it the day beofe you need it. Edited to say that i copy and pasted this from another thread from way back.

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