"Roasted" silverside help! Please

pixiegirl, Mar 24, 11:56pm
We accidently roasted a piece of silverside last night - thinking it was an topside roast.Hubby put it on when I was out and when I came home I had that horrible suspicion that it was not a roast - by that time it was "sealed" on all sides and cooking nicely.Any suggestions as to what I can do with it to save it now - it is, as you would expect - very salty.I know how to cook silverside normally however this was from a home kill and was packaged without a sticker and we naturally assumed it was a roast or veal roast as it was from a younger beast.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

punkinthefirst, Mar 25, 12:53am
You could serve it with an unsalted white sauce or mustard sauce. Cut slices and reheat in the sauce. If it is very salty, probably the only thing you can do with it is chop it or mince it and make it into fritters, or hash with unsalted potatoes in the mix. If it was only sealed, cut the sealed sides off and use them as above, and cook the "denuded" piece of meat as normal.

pixiegirl, Mar 25, 2:01am
Thanks for that - we actually finished cooking it through.It smelt so good while it was cooking and I was probably lucky I was late home and the veges weren't put in the roasting pan as well or I would have had those to content with as well. lolThanks for your suggestions.

rozke, Mar 25, 2:38am
l made the same mistake for the next 2 hours l boiled the hell out of itchanging the water twice.Still had the roast vege to go with itonly just married to and wanted to make a big impressionLOL

dezzie, Mar 25, 2:43am
Have you actually had a taste, it might not be too bad.

rainrain1, Mar 25, 4:01am
Shock horror at myself, but I just cooked half a pickled leg of mutton in my roasting dish in plenty of water today, but I changed the water half way through cooking.I didn't have a pot large enough to boil it, so thought I would try it this way, I would do it again if I had to as resulting meat tastes very good indeed

beaker59, Mar 25, 5:00am
My grandmother used to do it regularly we just ate it and it was fine, salty but just have smaller portions.

lambrat, Mar 25, 7:04am
my first flatmate & idid that in the 70s. it was fine, not even terribly salty, and all the usual veg were good with it too.

worst thing we did was cut the string on a rolled roast. now that was a genuine disaster, lol

pixiegirl, Mar 25, 9:48pm
Hubby tasted it and it is quite salty.Think we will have it tonight with "bland" vegetables.That wasn't my worst kitchen failure - when microwaves first became available in Aus I decided to do a roast chicken and vegetables for dinner as it said it could be done easily.I cooked it according to the directions and when cooked we all looked at it and laughed - rubber chicken picture comes to mind.We raced to grab the electric frypan to try and fix it.Rubber chicken still makes me laugh to this day.Dont think I ever cooked another meal in the microwave after that - I just use to reheat or defrost.

ansypansy1, Mar 25, 11:25pm
we were having visitors and I accidentally roasted a piece of corned beef. It tasted perfect when cooked, not even too salty. I was rather embarrassed, being a good cook, but it had no label on and I assumed incorrectly that it was roast beef

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