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kvb, Mar 17, 5:55am
Some time back, I downloaded a recipe on here using Pam's skim milk powder (only Pam's) to make yoghurt.I have mislaid it so am wondering if any of you may still have the recipe and would be willing to share it again.Please !

gardie, Mar 17, 6:46am
I use skim milk powder - usually pams but any other does the trick as well.I make it in an easiyo makes.In the jar 3/4 filled with water put 100grms milk powder and a couple of tablespoons of plain yoghurt and mix it well, topping up with water till fill.Put into Easiyo maker as usual.

-paradisefound-, Mar 17, 7:09am
That's pretty much what I do too.
Save the last couple of spoonfuls for the next batch.
It's good yoghurt.

kvb, Mar 17, 9:49pm
Thank you both, Just have to get a good yoghurt now to use as a starter

lilyfield, Mar 17, 10:44pm
I use a 120 grams skim milk powder and 2 tbsp of hansell greek yoghurt powder. keep the rest of sachet in deep freeze. Works every time

morrello1, Mar 18, 2:25am
I've done this for years as well although just last week I found myself with extra milk & so made my new batch of yoghurt using milk vs powder & OMG was it better. About 4 times as thick. I've been making my milk powder up according to instructions so not sure why the diference. Also, I get yoghurt granules from the NZ Cheese School so don't have to buy easiyo packets. A $20 yoghurt granule packet lasts me a year + milk powder = cheaper than 2 Easiyo packets a week, I think(I've never actually worked it out as I like the granule method).

lindylambchops1, Mar 19, 3:32am
How many granules do you use please!I saw someone else used these but they used UHT Milk & just added granules to the carton & then shook until mixed.Are the granules called Yoghurt Culture on the NZ Cheese School site & do I need to buy the Recipe too!I am an Easiyo girl but the packets of mixes are getting very expensive, so would like to make my own& add my own flavours.I have never really been successful my using a spoonful or two of made yoghurt to make a new batch.Thanks for your help.

angel404, Mar 19, 4:57am
I make my yoghurt with raw milk using 1/2tsp from a previous batch. Turns out perfect everytime. How were u making yours!

lindylambchops1, Mar 19, 5:27am
I use powdered milk but I find it so runny have tried increasing amounts of yoghurt from previous batches.Wish I could get my hands on raw milk.

angel404, Mar 19, 6:02am
Why dont you use silver top! Thats almost as good as raw milk.

edjill41, Mar 19, 6:42am
Isn't silver top pasteurised!

lindylambchops1, Mar 19, 8:12am
Silver top!It all comes in plastic containers now blue or green tops the most common.Do you mean Blue top!Angel404 1/2 tspn yoghurt to a new batch is this a litre of milk!Thanks

lindylambchops1, Mar 20, 1:20am
Morello you still about!

angel404, Mar 20, 1:29am
No, the silver top has a silver lid. Its pasterized but not homogenised - which is the milk you want for yoghurt. And yep 1/2tsp yoghurt to 1 litre of milk.

lindylambchops1, Mar 20, 1:53am
Ok thanks very much will get the silver top.haven't noticed it before & try the 1/2 tspn.

angel404, Mar 20, 2:01am
Heres how i do mine. Scald 1 litre of silver top, pour it into a 1L easiyo container. Let it cool down to 40degrees then add 1/2tsp yoghurt. Put lid on and shake to mix. Put 40deg water inside easiyo incubator and add 1L container with milk/yoghurt mix and leave about 12 hours.

lindylambchops1, Mar 20, 4:45am
Great tyvm!I wouldn't have thought to heat the milk duh!Maybe that is why I haven't had success.but now I am away.Thanks!

angel404, Mar 20, 7:05am
haha let us know how you go!

keith54, Mar 20, 7:44am
use standard milk,heat it to nearly boil ,cool it to body temp,buy the yoghurt culture from NZ cheese school ,use 3 grains only (,for $20 it will make 125 litres of yogurt),Put yoghurt maker with boiled water around the container as usual ,put in the oven with the oven light on for extra warmth and leave overnight.

angel404, Mar 20, 10:26pm
Why purchase grains when you can just use 1/2tsp of a previous batch!

uli, Mar 20, 10:31pm
Because after a while it gets contaminated and then you go back to the granules in the freezer.
If you do not use glass jars (and lids) straight from the hot dishwasher plus spoons the same then sooner or later your yoghurt will not taste as nice or be as thick as other microbes take over.

angel404, Mar 20, 10:40pm
Every so often the kids will eat all the yoghurt - without leaving any to use to start the next batch. So on the odd occasion i nab some yoghurt from mums or buy a container from supermarket. To restart it all. I do have yoghurt culture in the freezer but always forget about them and find using 1/2tsp of previous batch so much simpler. We are moving countries soon - i should use those grains up!

lindylambchops1, Mar 21, 12:12am
Good Luck with the move!Is it soon!Hope you can still use the MB when you are settled.

angel404, Mar 21, 1:38am
Thanks! Husband leaves on Wednesday and me n the kids follow him on June 17th. Im sure Ill find a way to get on to the MB's. Life would be empty without it lol

buzzy110, Mar 21, 3:52am
Contact Trade Me and tell them about your plans to move to Aussie. They will probably be able to accommodate you by flagging your username. It is best to do it now, rather than risk getting dismantled in Australia.

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