Poaching chicken breasts

wron, Feb 10, 5:00am
In simmering water - do Ido this in plain water, or add some stock - and for how long! I did a search here and didn't spot any suggestions, thanks.

twindizzy, Feb 10, 5:03am

knowsley, Feb 10, 5:04am
I poach chicken breasts for an Enchilada recipe and it is in a stock made with some spices etc. I freeze and reuse the "stock" - it is probably 2 years old now. Length of time depends on the thickness of your breasts, but 12-15 minutes would probably do it.

village.green, Feb 10, 5:16am
Annabel Langbein has a recipe,it is only for 1 minute but then you leave in the water until coolfor 1.5 hours without removing the lid.
Chicken can be poached up to 2 days ahead cooled and stored in its poaching broth in the fridge until needed, and is more tender if it has not been chilled as chilling will set the flesh.
I have done with a whole chicken (takes longer about 20 mins) and then left to cool and it is amazing.
I know one minute doesn't sound long enough, but it does cook, honestly, but you have to leave it in the water with lid on.

daisyhill, Feb 10, 6:01am
Velveting is meant to be the bee's knees when it comes to poached chicken. I haven't tried it yet but only because I've had no reason to since I first heard about this technique.


mamaa, Feb 10, 12:13pm
Ohso easyI love just water lots of fresh ginger crushed and garlic, bit of salt.Just simmer till ready.Then have in salads, fried rice.

fisherlures, Feb 17, 12:55pm
Poached Chicken Breasts
1/2 chicken breast.100ml cream.nutmeg. salt.chives .white pepper.choice of chervil ~ tarragon ~ oregano.1 large brown mushroom
Slice the brown mushroom finely and cook in a little olive oil. Finely slice the chives and herb of your choice.
Place all of the ingredients into a blender and whiz up .Scoop out and place into a plastic bag, snip a corner end off to create a piping bag.
Butterfly a chicken breast for each person and pipe in the filling mixture.Don't overfill. Fold the breast over to ensure no filling showing.
Lay out cling wrap and place each breast in and add a little salt and white pepper over the top.
Carefully roll 5 times tucking in ends to eventually make a tidy "sealed" sausage shape and knot each end.
Place in med hot (not boiling) chicken stock for exactly 7 mins to poach. Snip end, press out and cut in half on the diagonal. Serve.