Chocolate chips

tiamat, Jan 7, 1:19am
At new world here they have chocolate chips in the bulks bins rather than on the shelves,

kay141, Jan 7, 2:00am
it is wise to compare prices. At times, I have found the bulk bins at NW dearer per kilo than the packets and they also can be a lesser quality.

survivorr, Dec 30, 11:20am
I've been looking in New World for these and all I keep coming up with is "Melts".Maybe I need to look elsewhere!I made some muffins and think I would prefer 'chips' to 'melts'.So I'll keep on looking - can someone let me know where I might buy them!Will go and look in Countdown in the next couple of days.:o)

shellz213, Dec 30, 12:27pm
I shop at New World and buy chocolate drops made by Sun Valley Foods.

olwen, Dec 30, 4:07pm
Pams range at NW also has chips and drops as well as melts

survivorr, Dec 30, 7:06pm
Thx - will check again at NW today

davidt4, Dec 30, 9:01pm
Buy some decent quality chocolate and chop it into bits yourself.

sarahb5, Dec 30, 9:19pm
I used to buy the Sun Valley ones until my daughter discovered the 2kg bags of chocolate chips at Moore Wilsons - now she brings one home with her everytime she is coming home from uni by road.They're ridiculously cheap - probably not the best quality chocolate (although you can buy better ones too) but they taste just the same as the Sun Valley ones in muffins, cookies, etc.

sarahb5, Dec 30, 9:21pm

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